December 15, 2014

Twas a Berry Full Weekend!

Yo yo,

Guess who's back!

I've actually been back for almost a week. I'm not sure I'm flying Air France ever again - I was just so uncomfortable. And then I got into Lagos in the middle of election primaries and fake fuel scarcity. Well, thank God for journey mercies, and Cakes is sooooo happy I'm back and has threatened that he's never letting me travel again :p

This weekend was a very busy one. I had 4 events to attend (I know this is not the advice I gave in my How to NOT Spend ALL your money this Christmas post), but I had a lot of fun :)

After work, Cakes and I attended The Unofficial Christmas Party at Landmark Events Center. It's a concept created by Funmi Victor Okigbo of No Surprises Events and catered to organizations that didn't want the hassle of throwing their own end-of-year parties. Different companies were invited to buy tables for some of their staff. The decor was so beautiful, the entertainment was very good, the food (well, thank God I ate before leaving the house). Anyways, a lot of fun was had by all. Unfortunately, I was playing with all the buttons on my camera, messed up the settings, and couldn't undo what I did, so the pictures aren't great. PLUS, we forgot to take pictures of my outfit, but oh well.

The always hilarious Basketmouth. We used to be good friends once upon a time. Miss those days. 

Chee had guests swaying and dancing :)

Oh yes! They had this nifty thingy that scrolled through guests tweets and IG posts
We had to leave early, because Cakes had 1000 cupcakes and 5-tier wedding cake to complete for Saturday, which meant he had to head to the bakery at 1am. Since we left early, I missed the after party. Chai, when I saw pictures of my friends after we left, I wanted to cry!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's just say Banky W + kiss = lips sealed.

I did a whole bunch of NOTHING! NADA! ZILCH!!! I needed time to rest, and slept for a pretty 11 hours. :D

Cakes and I went a-cake delivering, as usual. We dropped off these 2 birthday cakes...

Then we stopped by the launch of Toju Foyeh's new store. I met Toju in 2010 when we were bridesmaids for a wedding. I remember back then, she faced the choice of Law or Fashion Design. I'm glad that she went for her passion, and it's working out so well for her.

I picked up a cute denim-look dress that I can't wait to wear. If you do visit the store (located in the Sleek Mall across from Silverbird Galleria), and you can't find the dress you like in your size, they can alter the dress for free.

Afterwards, we went to a birthday party (one of the cakes we'd dropped off earlier), and then we ended up at the Rhyme and Reason event. It was put together by Atilola (Internationally known Spoken Word Artist, as well as Miss African Naturalistas). She worked so hard on this event, and we went to support her.

Eeek, who is that?!?!?
It's Miss One Plus The One!!! Isn't she so pretty?!?!?

Unfortunately, we had to leave before the event started. We'd gotten there late, but trust our Nigerian bredas and sistehs - everyone else came later. Cakes was tired after such a busy weekend, so we had to leave, but it was really shaping up to be a great event and I can't wait to see pictures and hopefully video from those who stayed.

And that, my friends, was my weekend.

Have a berryful week :)


  1. Berry welcome back,what did you bring for us? Everyone is so beautiful.
    Cakes is doing a good job,his cakes are always cute,looks like he is going to be the one to bake my wedding cake my wedding cake when Mr Right shows up,lol

    1. Thanks Bunmi. My dear, I wish I could bring something for everybody. Alas, the airline doesn't allow that many bags :p

      Sure thing! Start saving for the cake o.

  2. Welcome back, Berry. You looked refreshed in your pictures. Those cakes are very beautiful. One plus the One is a pretty and tall lady :).

  3. I see Ayo!!! :-)
    And I love your make up from the first photo, the eyes..(ofcourse I will love it, I can't make up that well*hides face*) you look so pretty...

    1. Is it me that can put on makeup?!?!? Lol, you've obviously missed all the negative comments about my makeup and dressing

  4. Berry your hair is so pretty, suits you fine. welcome back :)

  5. Welcome back.I see you had fun over the weekend. But first things first *stretches out hand* Oya!what did you bring back for me?

  6. Nice hair

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  7. Looks like such a fun weekend! Mine will be eventful this one coming and I can't wait! Thanks for sharing BerryDakara!


  8. Thank God you didn't post the picture you forced me to take. I'm sure it must have been horrible. Thanks for showing your face, I re appreciate your presence.


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