December 11, 2014

Berry and the Babbling Brook

Since it's Fall/Autumn right now, the temperature's quite nippy, but I love it. I've been getting updates that the weather's stupidly hot in Nigeria - how far now?!?!?!?! Anyways, since it's pretty chill out here, it's nice being dressed in layers and boots. Spring is my all-time favorite season (minus allergies), but I really really like fall fashion. I got into it myself, and decided to take advantage of the surroundings. There's a lovely babbling brook behind our neighbor's house, with whom we share a lawn, so my mum generously agreed to go down with me and take my pictures for me :D - isn't she LOVERLY?!?!?!

Enjoy, and if you're in Nigeria, ndo/pele enh.

Ooooh look at my new makeup - Maybelline The Nudes eyeshadow palette, and Maybelline Fit Me (Color 360). I don't wear a lot of makeup, but I do appreciate it. My Samsung NX300 camera on Beauty Face setting does such a great job too sha. As in, no editing needed!

Does the scarf look familiar? It's one from Cakes and I's Dubai trip earlier this year.

I really love my engagement ring! Reminds me of the proposal... and yay, our anniversary is loading (Registry anniversary is tomorrow).

Thigh high boots, ALL DAY ERRDAY!!!

Isn't the brook just pretty to look at?

There's also a well, so I made a wish :)

Meanwhile, I got this blazer from a thrift shop for under $7!!!

Have a nice rest of the week!


  1. The brook is just too pretty,enjoy the rest of the week

  2. I love your engagement ring too Berry

  3. Brook looks really pretty. So you made a wish... how many wishes do u have remaining?

  4. me love your rings and nail polish,Happy Anniversary to Mrs Cakes.

    1. Thanks Bunmi. I think it's my favorite nail polish.

  5. Lovely photos Darl. You should hurry back to naija oh since your anniversary is around the corner. Congratulations on the 1st year celebration. Many more beautiful years to you and Cakes

  6. Love the boots! I thought you made a wish...and Cakes appeared lol.

  7. Lovely jacket at such bargain price! Love all the thrift, charity...shops


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