March 20, 2016

Happy International Day of Happiness!!!

Today's the International Day of Happiness and I thought it would be fun to name 3 things that make us happy!

I'll go first :)

Who remembers our Dubai trips?

Family - It's no secret how close I am to my family, from my husband to my grandparents to the new additions! Do you know that on my Whatsapp app, I have like 10 different family groups?! There's one for my parents and siblings, another one for my siblings, another one for just my sisters, and another one that includes our mum (The Ladies). Then we have a family group with Cakes' family. And then another one with my sister's husband, in-laws and extended family. Yes, family makes me happy!!!

Food - Oh gawd, this is almost the bane of my weight-xistence, but I can't deny it. I LOVE FOOD!!! Food just makes me happy! Cakes is always teasing me because if I have good food in front of me, I can't stop wiggling my legs and smiling. I've been dreaming about the next time my sister, cousin and I get to go for our random dessert date, because that Pineapple Upside Down Chocolate Cake is as near to heaven as any food item can get!!!

Music - There's nothing like a good track that comes on to lighten your mood! On Friday night, I went out with my younger sister and we spent the whole ride listening to and singing along to old songs, like D'Banj's Tongolo - remember how much of a jam it was?!?!?!? I can't be in a place where there's music and not dance! It just makes me happy!

So I've named 3 things. What makes YOU happy? Tell me in the comments section. :D


  1. My mum makes me happy. That woman is the G-est of all gees. She brings so much happiness to my soul. I cant wait to give her all the things in life to make her happy. My work makes me happy. I am a makeup artist and anytime I get the opportunity to panel beat someone's face, I get so much joy and peace. Blogging makes me happy. My blog just puts the icing on the cake...hehe. Berry makes me happy too. That her beautiful chubby cheeks and natural hair just gives me joy,....hehehe. Why do I think she's blushing? I love you Berry

    1. Awwww @ what you wrote about your mum. I pray you have so much in abundance to share with her.

      Thanks Moby for sharing the things that make you happy and for making my chubby cheeks blush :p

  2. Electricity makes me happy
    My little sister and close friends make happy, when we're gathered and laughing hysterically! !!
    Junk food and a cold bottle of Teem makes me really happy😍😍
    When people are truly in love, it makes me happy and wish for mine also*sigh*...that's a happy sigh.


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