March 11, 2016

Berry Lovely Links

My my my, have I missed sharing my lovely links with you!

I've been saving different stories and articles for the past couple of weeks, and I'm happy I have the time to share today :D

  1. Check out these very quick (I'm talking less than 3 minute) videos that address faith, money, and life issues. She just started posting a month ago but I really like what I'm seeing already.
  2. I enjoyed this witty article, On the Money - The Unlikely Suspects that addresses how much money we spend on food. For example, a bunch of plantain (maybe 6-8) costs N500, and yet one small packet of plantain chips is N100?!?! 
  3. Bloggers looking to collaborate and partner with brands should find Product Review Etiquette for Bloggers very insightful.
  4. I liked this kinda transparent look about how one lady Spends Her $35K Salary.
  5. Stressed but can't sleep? Read on some Ways to Relax At Bedtime.
  6. This link showing some Bad, Funny Texts from Exes had me chuckling. 


  1. I'm going over to check the product review etiquette for bloggers. Thanks for sharing!

    Precious Core Blog

  2. found number 3 very very helpful. thanks for sharing


  3. Was thinking about product reviews earlier today so number 3 came in useful.

  4. No. 4 for me. I'm about to start a job where I'll be earning about that and being new in this environment, I need to manage my finances efficiently. Thank you.

    1. You're very welcome. It's important to learn how to manage finances and make sure we're not living above our means

  5. Thank you for sharing Number 1!

    I subscribed immediately. She caught me with her less than 5 minute videos. Thanks again!


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