March 25, 2016

Berry Lovely Links


I can't even lie, I'm missing being in Nigeria right now. The number of parties and events happening this weekend are astounding! Plus the holiday today and Monday are non-existent in Hamrika - it's not as if I'm working, so which one is my own, right? But I'm looking forward to church on Sunday!

As usual, here are some interesting articles and posts I read online in the past week.

  1. I wanted to read more this and last year, but somehow felt that I never have enough time. Here's How You Can Find More Time to Read More Books.
  2. I thought this article, Bride Mistakenly Invites Strangers to Her Wedding, very funny.
  3. How to Design A Life You Love is such a great post with lovely life lessons.
  4. I can attest to some of these 8 Things I Didn't Expect to Deal With at My Multicultural Wedding.
  5. Y'all know Instagram isn't life, right? Check out this girl's article What I Instagrammed versus What Was Really Happening.
  6. Who can guess The World's Happiest Countries?  


  1. Lol... "Hamrika" cracked me up majorly. :-)

    Ah! We do love our public holidays in Nigeria, I usually start the new year flipping through my calendar, counting the public holidays.

    The 4-day Easter weekend has been great so far, if only it wasn't tainted by the fuel scarcity palava. Still, we are grateful for small mercies.

    Thank you for sharing the links, off to read.

    1. Lol, my friends and I always joke around with Hamrika.

      Luckily there are a few random public holidays here too but not as many as in Nigeria. I remember in 2014 most of my time off work fell around public holidays, so I had like 6 extra free days. So cool!

      I've been hearing about the scarcity o. I really wish Nigeria would change for the better already. It's so discouraging.

  2. I read the one on Instagram and reality. Instagram is so beautiful to scroll through because of the pretty images. However, it only shows the best sides of people and if one isn't careful, one could start feeling jealous of those Insta babes and wishing for the hair and looks that they have

    1. Honestly! Even when people say they're envious of Cakes' and my relationship, I almost shake my head cos they seem to forget that we have down and sometimes awful times.


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