February 8, 2016

Berry and Cakes' Early Valentine's at R.S.V.P.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Okay, I know I'm early but since Cakes' business (owning a bakery) means he's extremely busy on Valentine's Day, we never get to have a proper celebration. This year though, courtesy of Ofadaa.Com, we were able to get an early start. For our anniversary, we went to Sky Restaurant in Eko Hotels and Suites. This time around, instead of asking friends and breaking my head about where to go, I decided to check on Ofadaa's website. We eventually decided to go to RSVP.

The great thing about using Ofadaa.com in my opinion, is that you can search for restaurants using "features."  

You can search by "areas" or type of cuisine - Indian is my favorite!

You can also search for Romantic restaurants. or places that have Free Wifi. It's pretty nifty.

 The mobile site is user-friendly as well.

You can even select more than one restaurant feature! E.g. since Valentine's Day is coming up, you can search for Romantic, Roof-top restaurants that offer Seafood! Hello aphrodisiacs! *wink wink*

There's even an option to search within your budget. Got N20,000.00 to spend on the date? No problem. Ofadaa.com will show you restaurants within that range.

Ofadaa  is not only a directory of restaurants, but also a review website! When you search for restaurants, they are listed in order of their review ratings.

R.S.V.P. has a 2.8 rating - I know you're wondering why we still chose to go there, when others have higher ratings.

I'd been to RSVP before and didn't think it was that great, but thought I should give them another try. My review will be up tomorrow.

Valentine's Day is less than a week away, so make sure you have your plans in order NOW. Sign up on Ofadaa.com and start your search for the perfect Valentine's spot for you and your boo! And while you're at it, leave a couple of reviews so that others can make better choices too. I know my RSVP review will be going up here and on Ofadaa's website tomorrow.

See ya!


  1. Happy Valentine's day to you and yours. Can't wait to read your review, as i have not been to R.S.V.P yet.


  2. Hi Berry,

    All I see is delicious looking food, I am so hungry this morning. :-)

    I love this age of internet-based businesses, it makes life so much easier.

    Ofadaa.com seems really great, I like how they've put in all the details that people usually look out for when picking a place to eat.

    I am off to read your review of RSVP.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yup, I really like that you can search using different features on Ofadaa.com.

      I agree - the photos make the food look really inviting, don't they?


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