February 3, 2016

25 Valentine's Day Blog Post Ideas

Hey everyone,

This post is mainly for Bloggers. As we all know, it's the month of Love and Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. If you haven't started writing your blog posts around the period of love, here are 20 Blog Post Ideas that you can use. I've used some of them before.

  1. My First Valentine
  2. Most Memorable Valentine's Day
  3. Valentine's Day Date Ideas - Indoor, Outdoor, Adventure, Inexpensive, Extravagant (you choose)
  4. What to Get HER for Valentine's Day
  5. What to Get HIM for Valentine's Day
  6. Top 10 Love Songs -  Or Sexy Songs, or Breakup Songs
  7. Top 10 Romantic Movies - Or Sexy Movies, or Breakup Movies
  8. Top 10 Romantic Comedies
  9. Valentine's Day Recipes
  10. What To Wear for Valentine's Day
  11. List of Restaurants to go to for Valentine's Day - like Tuke Morgan has here.
  12. Valentine's Day Recap
  13. Anti-Valentine's Day Ideas for Singles!
  14. Valentine's Day Events around You
  15. DIY Valentine's Day Gifts - Like this ring I made.
  16. Love Letters Through Time
  17. Marriage/Relationship Advice from Elderly Couples
  18. Valentine's Day Wish List
  19. Valentine's Day Giveaways - work with reputable brands to give your readers somn special.
  20. What NOT to Get Him/Her for Valentine's Day
  21. Valentine's Day Makeup
  22. Unrequited Love Stories
  23. First Kiss Stories - I used to have a First Kiss Series. You definitely want to read them.
  24. Advice for Singles
  25. Proposal Ideas


  1. Love this!

    I am so doing my Top 10 love songs.

    Thanks Berry Much! ;)

  2. cool post. *just passing through.

  3. Great post


  4. Thanks for this you have actually given me some inspiration for a new post.


  5. Now I have a wicked smile on my face, non of the topics flows with my blog niche so I am creating one. 'Valentine is a total waste of money, save that cost and buy a mutual fund instead'.

    1. Madam! Maybe your post title should be "Unconventional Valentine's Day Gifts"

  6. Thanks so much sweet Berry, i just started to write about valentine for my blog and i ran out of ideas. This is really a big relief... to be a blogger is not a day's job. i just started reading your blog and i am getting hooked to it already. I blog at http://nemyinspired.blogspot.com/

    1. You're very welcome Victoria. I'm glad I could help. And nope, blogging is not that easy.

  7. Berry, this post is so on point! God knows I needed to see this right now. I'll definitely be using some of these ideas on my blog. You are doing great with your blog.

    The one thing that changed my life

    1. Great stuff. I'll be checking to see which ones you use :)

  8. Hehe, this post sure doesnt concern me... skipping off.

    January Recap - February Love

    1. Yes it so does! Didn't you see the one about ideas for singles?

  9. You just helped me out.lol

  10. Straight up DIY tinz! Considered other options but nah!

    Epic ideas though. Will bookmark for next year.

    Mira La Belle

  11. Those are really great ideas indeed, nice of you to share!


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