January 5, 2014

On newlywed weight gain...

I haven't stepped on the scale yet, but I'm one thousand million percent sure I've gained weight since the wedding festivities started. I've seen in several online sites that studies suggest that newlyweds who are happy, tend to gain weight in the first few years. Okay, fine, it's not the first few years yet, but I've been happy since the

Registry Wedding - it's been 24 days
Traditional Wedding - it's been 15 days
White Wedding - it's been 9 days

People who have seen me have been telling me that I'm glowing and stuff. Noooooooo, I am NOT pregnant ooooooooooo! If you must know, that time of the month just finished last week, so any evident glow should be "blamed" on eating and drinking before during and after wedding festivities newlywedded happiness.


As of tomorrow, I'll be back at work and hopefully regulate my eating and exercising habits. To help my cause, I would like to share my calories with you... we have a BUNCH of wedding cake in the fridge, so feel free to come and eat!

Have a berry pretty week!

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  1. Well, without saying, you know what you owe me. And no, I don't want the one for the wedding.

  2. Congratulations hun. Wish you bliss

  3. please where is your fridge located??? LOL. Congrats on your wedding girl, I wish you the best of married life, may you grow old and grey together! mwaaaah!

    1. Thank you very much! My fridge is in the kitchen... sooooooo would you like to know where the kitchen is?

  4. Congrats Berry, wishing you and hubby a lifetime of bliss.

    Post-wedding weight gain is allowed joo..

  5. 5kg?!?!?! OMG, I have to go and find my scale NOW! But isn't it annoying that after working out and watching the diet to fit into the dress, we slack off and gain weight?

  6. Congratulations, Berry. All the best in your marriage.

  7. Did i hear wedding cake is remaining? Now I've got to see u and chop some cake with some shayo! Lol... Congratulations once again

  8. Congrats dear!!! I wish every blessing that God intended for marriage. Talking about cakes, which is like the only food on earth I cannot resist.... dieting or not, I would truly also like to know where your fridge is located

  9. Congratulations darling! I've been congratulating you for weeks now but I was having comment issues. How are you? How is married life? I tap into your anointing in Jesus name.

    God bless your home.


  10. Congratulations on the wedding darling! :)


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