October 3, 2016

Way Too Much Weekend FUN!


Have you ever had those weekends that were full of so much activity, that you wouldn't know where to start from if you had to describe it? For those of you in Nigeria, I know you're currently having that weekend because of Independence Day festivities and events - which I listed as one of the things I miss most about Nigeria. Well, I had a FULL weekend! From Friday evening up until early Sunday morning, it felt like nonstop activity. As in, on Sunday I completely refused to do anything apart from go to church. I still hadn't even fully recovered from our weekend in DC, and now I added some more. As usual, the people who follow me on Snapchat and Instagram @BerryDakara saw all the action as it happened :)

Okay, so where do I start from? I'll just give little snippets of everything I did, and in a later post, I'll share videos :)

Remember the Friday concert series I mentioned here? This past Friday was the last one for the summer, so I went with the family. The band was on the boring side sha, but we still managed to have fun. My niece danced and danced - we know which side of the family she got that from :p

On Saturday, my cousin (who will be featuring in one of my vlogs soon) agreed to follow me to a salon/store opening in Atlanta. She got her nails done, while I got some photos, video and Snaps out of the way.

I'll have a separate post later this week on the Candy Vault Nail Spa and Shoes opening event, but check out a few photos below.

After that event, we went back to my parents' house for a neighborhood event - everyone was supposed to make a dish and share with others. Unfortunately, very few people turned up - but I think it was nice and cozy, so no worries.

The second-to-the-last event of the day was the Nigerian Independence Day party. It was hosted by several Nigerian organizations here in Atlanta, because the Nigerian government said their embassies and consulates can't have money for the annual event. Cakes made the cake for the event and everyone loved it - the look and the taste! I pray for much bigger things for him going forward! AMEN!

The plan was to attend this event, and then head to the club afterwards, so I decided to wear this outfit which I originally posted here. This is the third time I've worn it, and I expect to keep wearing it for a while :D

Ooooh, and check out who I met!!!!! Okay, let me not even lie... I didn't know who he was until Cakes said he's Samson Siasia, who just led the Nigerian football team to their Bronze Medal at the recently concluded Olympics. Who remembers the time I almost met Mikel Obi? And y'all know about my very famous footballer cousin, right?

Finally, Cakes and I went to TURN UP (or as I like to say, "TEHN UP") with my cousin and her friend. We went to Elleven45 club in Atlanta. I can't remember the last time I went to a proper club... and maybe now I know why I never really liked them in the first place. It definitely wasn't worth the money we paid, but we made the best of it and danced. DJ E-Cool went all the way back with Naija jams - Gongo Aso, Yahooze, Konko Below and more! I got my twerk on, that's for sure!!! The funniest part of the night was some random dude who came to try and hold my hand... in front of Cakes!!! And he refused to believe that I was married!!! My cousin spent a good 5 minutes trying to convince him that I was married and that my husband was standing right there. Cakes was just looking at this very brief dude like "What's this one doing?" BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Anyways, we sha had fun. I spent most of Sunday trying to recuperate. I'm going to do my best to make sure I get a good amount of sleep every night this week.

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Have a wonderful week ahead!!!

Oh yes, and welcome to October and the final quarter of the year!!!

And now, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease tell me how your weekend went so I can live vicariously through you :)


  1. lovely pics

  2. Please I almost carried that little man out of the club, LOL.

    1. BUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You were taking it really personal!

  3. Had quite a busy weekend myself...
    Put together part of a storage unit to be more organized.
    Helped a fellow clown blow up balloons at a fall festival.
    (Who knew stomach muscles were involved?? Sore fingers recovered now)
    Finally got to meet the family of the young man my daughter is dating!
    Didn't get to visit much as we were at church but Hope we can get together again soon
    Ran errands & had my father in law over for dinner.
    {Like the black & white dress in above photo}

    1. Wow, you definitely had a lot to do this weekend! Oh yes, your tummy can get a little workout from blowing balloons.

      Yay to meeting the family!!! :)

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. I saw clips from your snaps and I was just like "Turn Up Turn Up!". Looool @ Cakes reaction to the dude! That Cake is so lovely btw!!!


    1. Thanks Kachi. I really wish I had a picture of Cakes' face that night!

      Thank you. I'll tell Cakes you like his cake.

  5. I remember this week.. it was a very very very busy one for me also. My aunt's birthday was on the 2nd and we were to have a surprise birthday party for her since she was turning 40. You should know its not easy planning a surprise party with the celebrant sticking around too often. The party stopped around 4:00am and thinking we wont go to church, my aunt said she was going (that was her main day. we started the party around 11:00 the previous day).. After service that day, my uncles, cousins, aunties and even my mum came to visit.. It was a stressful weekend. The nxt day, my mum traveled back home and I slept my Monday out only for Tuesday to come knocking the next day (work work work)..
    It was a bussy weekend.


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