October 24, 2016

Berry and Cakes Statesboro Weekend

Road trips are always fun to embark on. As long as they can be, if you're with the right person or crew, you can have a car load of fun! Cakes and I have been on many road trips together (see here, here, here, and here). We've also gone with others on other trips, like when we visited Ibadan. While driving in Nigeria can be heart-pounding at times, driving across the US is a lot easier - mostly because of the good roads, and loads of places to rest if you need to.

Cakes and I drove to Statesboro a couple of weeks ago for a friend's wedding. Ese is a friend of ours from our former church in Lagos - the Waterbrook (where Cakes and I actually met). Statesboro is a 3.5 hour drive from where we currently live, and we originally planned to drive there on the day of the wedding and leave the day after. However, as the wedding drew nearer, we decided we'd drive there and back the same day. Turns out, it was the best decision, as hotels were completely filled up due to Hurricane Matthew. The storm forced a lot of Florida and Georgia residents to evacuate and find shelter.

Unfortunately Statesboro was also hit by Hurricane Matthew and by the time we got there, half the town was without power (NEPA sturvs). The wedding venue had also lost power, and the wedding was shifted 2 hours later than originally planned. The couple took it all in stride though, and everyone made the best of the situation. I definitely had fun, and I'm sure everyone else did too. Congratulations to the newlyweds! Let's see some photos, shall we?

I've worn this dress a few times, the first time for a very important day in my life.

Since the wedding was pushed back by 2 hours, and we certainly couldn't drive anywhere, we I decided we should take photos. I don't know what was making me laugh here.

We got into the chapel to take some more shots, and I LOVE the ones I took of Cakes. This my Photography should start for real o.

The wedding eventually started, and it was so small and intimate. If I didn't have a beach wedding, I would have liked something this small too.

Wasn't Cakes looking handsome?!

This was the cake we brought from Atlanta. The couple couldn't decide which cake they wanted, so Cakes made the final decision. Actually I helped make the decision.

Alas, we couldn't stay late at the reception, as we had a 3.5 hour drive back home. As we drove, the sun began to set and I couldn't resist taking some more photos.

FUN FACT: My brother, who featured in this vlog, used to go to school in Statesboro. On a trip dropping him off at school, I got pulled over for speeding *hides face.* Luckily for me the cop thought I was a student and let me off with a warning. He actually called me "Young lady," BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 


  1. Once you know how to drive well in Nigeria, you drive anywhere in the world... So the saying goes...

    Nice pictures Berry, and you look good in that dress.


    1. That's so true. Nigerian roads kinda prepare you for driving anywhere else.

      Thanks Brenda!

  2. You should start your photography for real! The photo of Cakes in the chapel and the sunset are my faves! You both look great!!

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    Workcation - 7 Fun Days In Malaysia!

    1. When I took the photos of Cakes, even I was wowed! LOL.

      Thanks :)

  3. You both look absolutely beautiful.

  4. All the pictures I see on ur blog looks professional u should start the photography for real, the dress look Gorg. on u & also cake aren't looking bad neither, I can relate to that road side cops same thing also happened to me on my way to Austin Texas. (ain't nobody wanna get that damn ticket) LOL

    1. Thanks a lot dear! I gotta figure out how to start.

      LOL @ your being pulled over too! It's good to look young.

  5. Hi Berry, First thig first, you look amazing and you have a beautiful smile. Your choice of outfit is spot on and so is Hubby. You both look stunning. Now speaking of road trips, I Love love road trips and so far my boyfriend and I have been on two road trips and its so much fun. We normally have a playlist with our fav songs so we sing along on the way.Your photos are gorgeous.x


    1. Thanks a lot Stephy.

      Road trips are fun, aren't they? Hubby has his playlist for our trips that I'm usually forced to listen to :p

  6. It's been ages since I went to a wedding. Ahh. Those pics of the sunset are so dreamy. That of cakes in the chapel is a real work of art. I could keep staring at them. You two are lovely!
    And Beautiful cake!


  7. Berry photography! You're really encouraging me!
    And that wig is giving me life!


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