October 21, 2016

Berry Lovely Links


I hope you've had a very good week! How's your weekend looking? Mine is going to be very very busy - eeeeeek! Everyone please wish my dad a Happy Birthday, which is tomorrow :)

  1. To The First Lady, With Love is a collection of 4 letters from prominent women (Chimamanda included) to Michelle Obama. 
  2. Do you know What Successful People Do on Friday Afternoons?
  3. This Nigerian Singer Sings About Washing Your Hands. It's for a worthy cause and kinda catchy.
  4. Get Your Life Organized Before 2017!
  5. For all those times people have somn to say, here's A Single African Woman's Clap-back Guide.
  6. Did I ever share this feature/interview of me on Chisom's blog?


  1. A single African woman's clap back guide sounds like an interesting one.
    Hope I find the time to read the letters to Michelle.
    Happy birthday to your dad!
    Thanks for always sharing!


  2. Loved the letters to MO. Read them earlier in the week. She's such an amazing person really!! And I just read your interview on Chisom's blog. Nice!

    What Goes On Behind The Scenes of a Marriage Proposal

    1. She really is. She's in my top 3 First Ladies list - my first being Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

  3. I loved Chimamanda's write up! I think the whole world is secretly inlove with Michelle whether they know it or not. And I think that Wash you hand song is stuck in my head now.. lol
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. LOL, nobody can say anything negative about Michelle. Let them try!!!

      Hehe, sing it when you wash your hands :p

  4. Happy birthday to your dad! My brother shares the same date with him. I wish him all the best of life.
    I'll go for number 2 and 4....
    Thanks lovely very for sharing lovely links. *trying to connect the ryhmes but I mean it too*lol

    1. Thanks! Happy Birthday to your brother as well!

      Thanks Beautiful Lady!!!!


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