September 18, 2015

Life's Questions

Sometimes deep within your thoughts, some life questions arise. These questions create an almost anxious feeling and you know that you cannot rest until you find the answers. I usually keep the questions to myself or think them aloud hoping to get answers. Sometimes I ask on Twitter or Facebook. Since I haven't gotten answers there on my recent questions, I think I should post them here because you might have some answers for me.

Here goes...

  1. Can mosquitoes starve to death?
  2. Do mosquitoes survive on just blood?
  3. If they can starve to death, like how many days does it take?
  4. How can I starve the lone mosquito in my bedroom?!?!?!?!?

Well since I ended up killing the mosquito last night, no need to answer the last question.

Gimme answers, people!!!


  1. Umm. I would have squished it first. Lol.

    1. Haha, I tried valiantly but it wasn't working. Hence my new strategy to starve it

  2. The heading caught my attention but reading through dis I was just like Berry is sumtin else o...nice one sis

  3. From research we know that if mosquitoes don't suck blood, they will die, and if they suck blood, they will still die after being filled with blood.

    And then I ask myself... Why am I even taking you serious?

    Disobedience temporarily disfigured my face

  4. Lmao! Seeeriously Berry?!! Anyway, I dinno if they can survive without blood but I do know that their lifespan is short (less than 2months). I would go yaaay just two months, but the female mosquito (Which is the mosquito that bites us) can carry up to 300 eggs so imagine the multiplication. *removes efiko glasses* loool
    Touch Of P!nk

    1. Ah, no o. 300 eggs ke? That means 300 mosquitoes in my room? Mba! Not interested.

  5. Hahaha! I really wanted to know that thought provoking question only to be provoked with laughter! Berry, I thought I was random but you're the absolute queen of randomness! Lol!!!


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