July 15, 2015

Learn How to Backup Your Blog on Blogger

Hey guys,

This is kinda random but this morning I suddenly remembered that I haven't backed up my blog in a while, and so I got it done within a few minutes. It occurred to me that some of you may have never done it or thought about it before, so I'm posting a short tutorial on how to backup your blog - this is for those whose blogs are on Blogger. But here's a link for those on Wordpress (apparently you can even schedule regular backups!).

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Anyway, before I post the steps, let's go over

Why you should backup your blog

  1. It's just good to backup your stuff regularly - whether it's your phone, computer, blog, etc. That way, if accidents happen, you have a recent point of reference to restore the contents. 
  2. LindaGate could happen to you. We all remember when Linda Ikeji's blog was deleted last year due to complaints of plagiarism. Google just deleted her blog without any warning, and the same thing could happen to you. Backup your blog regularly and have it saved somewhere handy, just in case.
  3. Hackers also happen. Some malicious person or software could gain access to your blog and delete it. But if you have a recent backup file, all is not lost.
  4. You could mistakenly delete your blog, or even purposely delete it in anger/frustration/depression and later regret it, so just back it up (not twerk o!).
How often you should backup your blog
It really depends on you and how often you post. The minimum I would suggest is to backup your blog once a week. Some recommend that you should backup after every post. It's your choice really.

And now here are the steps on how to backup your blog on Blogger.

Go to your Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Other > Click on Export Blog

Export/Download Blog. You can save it on your hard drive or an external flash/hard drive.
Backup your Template. In your Blogger dashboard go to Template and click the Backup/Restore button

Download the template. Again, you can save it on your hard drive or external flash/hard drive.

That was easy, wasn't it?


  1. Very useful tip Berry. This is part of blog maintenance :)


    1. I should have applied the same advice to my phone cos I went and mistakenly deleted all my Whatsapp videos a few hours after putting up this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That's a nice one. I always back up but I have not done that in a long while... Thanks for reminding me via dis post.


  3. Thanks Berry - extremely useful info. I must confess I thought 'backing up' was simply saving your posts - now I know better. :)

    1. Hehe, I didn't know about backing up your blog until a year or two ago myself.

  4. Thanks Berry! This is very helpful :)

  5. Hehe, the berryful post on blog maintenance amma gonna back up mine ASAP. No delays especially those of us that have our blogs as our diaries. Nice reading this from you.

  6. fanks... i jus backed up my blog now

  7. Thanks for the link for those of us on wordpress.

  8. I really need to get on this, thanks for the tips!

    Agnes x


  9. Had to quickly back-up my blog as I've never done this before! Imagine that!

  10. Thanks for this Berry! I actually didn't know about it...
    However the Template part was quite tricky as I do not have a backup/restore button on.


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