July 14, 2015

Berry Late Weekend Post

Have you ever been so tired your eyelids twitch randomly throughout the day? That's been happening to me since the weekend! I haven't been sleeping well, and so I wake up tired and it's just been a yucky cycle. I would have looked forward to resting over the upcoming long holiday weekend, but Cakes and I will be out and about the whole time - ABUJA readers, Imma be in yo city! Please leave comments below where I can get a nice henna tattoo for a reasonable price :)

Anyways, my weekend was pretty alright. I didn't take a lot of photos, but I was busy almost nonstop. On Saturday, Cakes and I headed to a birthday party for a friend's one-year old. Can I just say that first-birthday parties are really just excuses for the parents to party :p? The baby doesn't know what's going on - just that there are a bunch of people around and a lot of activity. Well, I had fun at the party and ate way too much food. Here are a few snaps below.

After the party we'd been invited to a couples' Game Night. It was a smallish gathering with maybe 8 couples or so, and we had a nice time playing Taboo and having drinks. I wish we did this more often actually.

On Sunday, I headed over to VI for the Leading Ladies Africa's Power Talk Series. The topic was "Leveraging the Power of Social Media." The panel included Liz Awoliyi (Genevieve Magazine), Yagazie Emezie (Visual Curator/Vlogger), Chude Jideonwo (Red Media), Subomi Plumptre (Alder Consulting), Tosin Ajibade (Olori Supergal) and Ifeoma Areh (Wildflower PR). Some of them I had heard of before the event, and others I hadn't. But after listening to them speak, it is apparent that they are leading voices and influencers in Social Media. I took a few photos but they mostly didn't come out right (yikes!). But I did run into Cassie Daves (finally) and Tuke Morgan.

I wish I could relay what I learned effectively, but I don't know that I would do justice to it. If I can write a clear and concise post about it, I will. If not, just know that I learned a few new things :D

Have a lovely rest of the week!


  1. Yay! Hope you get more time to explore Abuja

    You can get henna done at deva petals, though they can be a little expensive sometimes.

    You can stroll to millennium park you'll find some women walking around asking if you want to get henna tats. Just ask the gate men at millennium park, they'll guide you. Just that you can't be too sure how skilled they are. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I didn't have as much time as I wanted to, so I called this lady I know to come and do the henna for me at my hotel.

      Lack of time was also the reason why I didn't go and see any sights :(

  2. Can I get an invite to your couples game night!

    1. Hehe, we were invited by the hosts' guests actually.

  3. Random.

    I love the celebrate your Husband's work.

    It is really cool.

    Many more blessed years to you both.


  4. Hi berry please can you put up a video on how u made your wig?

  5. The fact that you didn't write about it is a testament of how tired you really are.

    When I was younger, my mother never celebrated that our 1st birthday, saying that the child is unaware if what's going on, and just being put through unnecessary stress.

    One more Blog Post

    1. Girl, the fatigue is on a lot of levels!

      And large first birthday parties are for the parents more than the child, in my opinion


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