July 31, 2015

Berry Lovely Links


Cheers to the weekend!!! I've got some interesting links for you to read up on, so get cracking.

  1. Check out 8 Things People Decide Within Seconds of Meeting You
  2. I loved reading this article - 5 Women Reveal their Secrets to a Happy Marriage
  3. For those of us suffering in Nigeria, read Natural Nigerian's Hidden Dangers of Fuel Scarcity.
  4. More marriage advice from this guy who Let His Wife Go.
  5. I'm sure we've all seen the New York Magazine cover with 35 of Bill Cosby's accusers. See how the magazine cover came to be.
  6. And lastly, do you ever think about Who Makes Your Clothes
BONUS: Check out Verastic's take on the Bill Cosby Rape Allegations: The Nigerian Girl on the Empty Chair. By the way, this is a clear example of how to "copy" a post, and put your own spin on it - from my post from yesterday on how to get Blog Post Ideas.

EXTRA BONUS: Christina of TY Pearls Blog featured me on her site here


  1. Thank you for sharing Merry Berry :-)

    "Who makes your clothes?" caught my attention. I've read horror stories of slave-like work conditions, mostly in cheap-labour countries. Will the exploitation by capitalists ever stop? Unfortunately, profit-chasing blinds eyes and blocks conscience.

    Off to read the rest.

    1. I'm telling you! I read a piece once about how NY was a bustling manufacturing haven, and now it's dwindled to barely a trickle.

  2. Nice of you to share those lovely links. Thanks for the visit, and do enjoy your weekend!


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