July 6, 2015

Berry Smokey Weekend

Hello loverly ladies and lads!

How was your weekend? Pretty good, I hope. After my crazy busy weekend last week, my plan was to sit at home from Friday evening until Sunday morning for church and then a makeup class at Stella's Addiction makeup studio. I already had y'all blessing to stay home the whole weekend, but me and my restless feet!

Well, Saturday morning I woke up bright and early, and started cleaning the house while watching American-themed movies - The American President and Parkland. Parkland is a great movie and I think everyone should watch it. It recounts the chaos that ensued after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. I must have cried 10 times during the 1.5 hour film. I don't know why but JFK and Jackie Kennedy Onassis have always fascinated me. Have you guys ever seen the video of his assassination? Google "The Zapruder film" if you want to see it - it's very graphic, so be warned.

Anyway, I later decided to go and watch movies by myself. Whenever Cakes and I go to the cinema, it's usually to watch an action film. He doesn't like silly comedies, and I wanted to watch 'Spy' so I went by myself. It was pretty funny - A LOT of cursing though. I also watched 'Entourage' cos I loved the show. The film's basically an extended episode, so don't watch it with high expectations (btw I forgot how much nudity and cursing there is in Entourage - sometimes I think I should drop some of the things I watch). Oh yeah, since it was July 4th, I wanted to dress a little bit in an American theme. I didn't take a full photo, but I wore denim on denim with a striped t-shirt.

Red, White, Blue, Stripes, Jeans = Americanah
On Sunday after church, I headed to Stella's Addiction Makeup Studio for her Blush, Brushes & Bubbly class. I signed up way back in January but had to postpone twice. I finally made it yesterday and it was a fun time with 9 other ladies. We learned different makeup techniques, how to highlight/contour, do a simple everyday eye, and also smokey eye (hence the title of this post). And yay me, I finally put on strip lashes all by myself!!! I definitely have to practice everything going forward.
Stella's Studio - 5 Wole Ariyo Street, Lekki Phase 1
Listening and practicing

So that was my quiet-ish weekend. I think next weekend might be quiet too but I'm wondering whether I should go for a movie audition... what say you, YES or NO?


  1. YES, GO GO GO!!!
    I like the Ankara Vest/Jacket you have on :)


    1. Will do.

      It's not ankara o. I'm not sure what the material is. Got it from JCPenney I think

  2. Are you even thinking about it?? Of cos you should go!

    Lady In Red

  3. Beautiful and natural looking brows! !

  4. Definitely go dear.


  5. The smokey eye is so simple yet stunning. I say go for the audition, I'd love to try as well, hook a sister up girl.

    Princess Audu

    1. Yeah, I like the look whenever I see it. The auditions were in Lagos only, I think :(


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