January 26, 2015

Berry Asian Weekend

Hello friends!

Right now I'm on my way back to Lagos. I was away for a somber occasion (everyone please hold your family and friends tight, and let them know you love them today). The journey there went well, so thank God. I spent Saturday just chilling and resting, because I really needed it. But yesterday, I went to Asia. :)

As in, Asia Town.

The restaurant in Port Harcourt.

Oops, did you think I meant Asia, the continent? My bad.

Anyways, I grew up in Port Harcourt, and when I first moved back to Nigeria, I lived there with my dad. Then in 2012, I moved to Lagos for NYSC, met Cakes, got a job, yada yada yada. I used to visit PH very often (once a month) in 2012. I once thought I'd want to live here because it's my hometown (well, one of them), but after living in Lagos, sorry o. I like to have fun. PH doesn't have a wide variety of fun things to do. And no, clubbing every single weekend is not my idea of fun (occasionally, yes, regularly, no).

Where was I going with all that long story? Oh yeah, so last year, or maybe 2013, I heard of a new restaurant in Port Harcourt, that everyone was excited and raving about. In my last few trips here, I didn't get a chance to check it out. But yesterday, my mum suggested we have Sunday lunch there. So, I packed my bag, put on some makeup (because SHE was wearing makeup and I didn't want to look like her housegirl/driver), and off we went.

We drove up, and I went "oooooooooooh" as soon as we got in the gate. It looks so nice and pretty from the outside, innit?

 The doors to enter have silhouettes of people letting you in. Pretty cool.

And then you walk in, and you gasp over how pretty it is inside. I was very very impressed with the decor.

This is with camera effects

The ceiling has this sky motif. I'd love to see it at night.

Very nice buffet area.

The ambiance is on point! You might even forget you're in Nigeria for a second.

Apart from the dining area, there's a large lounge area, that I expect is full at night. I could totally see myself just going for drinks whenever I'm in PH. 

Okay, enough with the decor and ambiance, right? Let's get on with the foooooooooooooooooood!

Something I have to mention is that Asia Town has their branding down pat. Everything is branded. While ordering our drinks, we asked for a large bottle of water to share, and our waiter told us they didn't have large bottles of water. I thought this was weird and ordered small bottles. When the water arrived, I figured out why there were no large bottles of water.

Yup, even their water bottles are branded. There's no way you'll forget where you are :p

My chapman was nice. It was sweet, cold, and did the job. Now for the food. 


Funny story about the chicken. I'll tell you about it at the end. 

Oops, I didn't realize the picture was blurry. I guess I was too hungry to notice or care.


This is supposedly chocolate mousse. It didn't look moussey to me

The prawns were succulent!

So this chicken... It's called Congo Chicken or Chicken Congo. I asked why it was called that, and the closest waiter said "It's just regular marinated chicken." At that point, I asked, "Why not just call it marinated chicken?!" But I will tell you that this was the absolute best thing on the whole menu. I couldn't stop eating it.

All the food looks really good, right? Well, it mostly stops at looking good. Apart from the chicken, prawns and cake/ice cream, everything else was just bleh! I was so confused. How can an Asian restaurant mess up Chicken and Corn soup?!?! My mum said I was being a diva, and that the food wasn't bad. But I asked some of my friends who live in PH, and they all said that the major thing Asia Town has going for them is the ambiance, and not much else. I was really disappointed, honestly. Will I ever go back there to eat? Sure... but only for the Congo Chicken abi Chicken Congo. 

Well, that was the  "bright" spot of my weekend. What did you see, do, eat, buy, watch, etc?

P.S. If you haven't nominated me for the Nigerian Blog Awards (Best Humor, Personal/Lifestyle, Overall Nigerian blog), then I'll force feed you Chicken and Corn Soup from Asia Town. So, let's get to voting!

Have a berry pretty, restful, and productive week!


  1. Ok Berry, this made me hungry!!!! Lol, shame the food wasn't great the place looks lovely.

  2. Oh lawwddd!!! I love what I see ... all that food. You captured the moment very well. Asia town looks very inviting. Ph foodies must be delighted indeed.


  3. erm, let us know the numbers of the category we are to vote for. There are a million categories and it would be easy for me to remember to vote number '2, 4, 39,100,00' etc.Abeg I cant read too much

  4. As a PH geh....i'm ashamed i haven't tried this place. Me wey like food. To Do List When I Go To PH:- Visit Asia Town especially for the congo chicken or chicken congo. Oh! and for the ambiance.

    1. LOL! Or go for drinks in the evening, with a side of Congo Chicken

  5. Never been to PH. You're right though - well branded and great presentation from your photos. Pity it didn't taste as good.

  6. Ehen! See hoe Port Harcourt fine like this? I'm one of those born and bred in Lagos girls who is always like what do people who live outside Lagos do? Lol. The restaurant looks amazing better than some of these Lagos restaurants. And the food. Sigh. Looks so good. I'm eating bread and butter at the moment and it feels like crap after seeing these pictures. Lol xx


    1. LOOOOOOOOOOL, Lagosians can be so Lagos-or-die! It really really looks nice when you walk in. I just wish the food matched the ambiance.

  7. Restaurant looks nice, food looks ok. I'll eat that chicken congo many times over. I hope you picked healthy choices ;-)

  8. awwww! i was already getting excited for this place. kind of sad the food was disappointing. would probably still check it out if I'm ever in PH.

    on another note, may I feature this as a review on RN please?

    1. You can use any review ma'am!

      Hmm, I've spoken to only 1 other person who said they like the food. Everyone else said NOPE

  9. I was in Asia town two weeks ago with friends,we had pineapple rice with sweet nd sour sauce,nd two oda sauces cnt rem deir names nd rice as well.food was yummy.i loved every bit of it.dd cheese cake was nice d Chapman as well

    1. Ah okay, well you're one other person who likes their food. :)

  10. I was there late last year and i agree with you, the ambience is faultless but the food was horrid. I had prawns that i can swear were raw!


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