July 15, 2014

Proverbs Blog-Along Day 13

DAY 13
Some of the verses that stood out to me were
7Some who are poor pretend to be rich;
others who are rich pretend to be poor.
LOL, come to Lagos and see the number of guys pretending to be CEOs and MDs, driving big cars that double as their homes, because they can't afford rent.

8The rich can pay a ransom for their lives,
but the poor won’t even get threatened.
In a normal society, this is true. The wealthy people are the ones who attract thieves or kidnappers. However, Nigeria is not a normal society. 

11Wealth from get-rich-quick schemes quickly disappears;
wealth from hard work grows over time.
This reminds me of a recent story on Jason Njoku, a budding media mogul in Nigeria. He cofounded iROKO TV, which Forbes called the Netflix of Africa! Just 4 years ago, his company's monthly statement for July 2010 had £60.00 income. As in, that was his monthly earnings. At that point, he had been working at it for 6 years. Six whole years, and you're getting that little? Most of us would have given up by then, but he kept at it. And by 2013, he was listed by Forbes as one of the Ten African Internet Millionaires to watch! Talk about staying the course. Lots of people nowadays want to get rich very quickly, without putting in the hard work required. I personally think that if you put in hard work over time, it makes you that much more grateful when you become successful, because you know where you've come from.

17Whoever delivers your message can make things better or worse for you.
BAM! Isn't this true? You can send a message via someone, and they go and interpret it in a way that's different from the original message you intended to send. Be careful of who you relay your messages to. 

22Good people leave an inheritance to their grandchildren,
A different version reads something like "If you obey God, you will leave an inheritance to your grandchildren." I'm paraphrasing, but you get the point, right? May we all live in obedience and have enough to leave for our grandchildren. And this should not be limited to finances, but knowledge, health, the environment, and more. 

24If you love your children, you will correct them;
if you don't love them, you won't correct them.
I'm thankful for my parents who corrected and still correct us when we go wrong. 

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