July 1, 2014

What I Did This Weekend

Apart from being sick, attempting to celebrate Cakes and I's 6-month anniversary, and disowning former cousins, my weekend was full of adventure!!!

Okay, not adventure, but activities. It's no wonder, my body crashed and I mostly stayed home sick on Monday. Anyways, without much more talking, here's how my weekend played out...

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu everyone who wished Cakes and I a Happy 6-Months Anniversary. I thank you for your kind words, well wishes and prayers. May God bless you with love, joy, grace and peace, Amen! So Cakes and I had planned to have a dinner date for our anniversary celebration. Actually, I thought there was supposed to be a couples massage in there as well,  but your boy didn't say anything about it so I fashied. I rushed home after work so that we could relax and chill a little bit, before heading out. How about there was maddening traffic?!?!?! I didn't get home until maybe 5:30pm. And then guess who had just eaten???? Yes - Cakes. Seriously?! He had decided it was a fun time to cook stew and rice, and ate at 5pm. I knew not to even bother anymore because he gets full very easily, and there was no way I was going to let us waste money at any restaurant. We decided we'd make it a lunch celebration for Sunday. I eventually ate at 7 or so, and we stayed home. Well, I stayed home. He had to be at the bakery at 1am.

*Sorry, no pictures to share since we didn't go out, but enjoy this sewing machine cake Cakes made*

Hair, hair, and more hair activites filled my day! As noted, I planned to attend the Naturals In The City, as well as the Locs Appreciaton Day events. I actually tried to go to the Midas Naturals one on the Mainland, but Cakes' delivery was in another direction and he needed to run other errands. So I followed him on his delivery run, and then he dropped me off at the NITC8 event. I had a very nice time meeting up with other naturalistas and being taller than the other African Naturalistas ladies (thanks to my 6 or 7-inch heels). I won a prize during the presentation sessions!!! Yup, a free hair styling session with Kemi Lewis, who must think I'm stalking her at this point :p
eBunite of African Naturalistas

She's soooooooooo short, and I'm reeeeeeeeally tall

Had to get down to her level :p

Ms. Kemi and I

Don't mind Atilola (Madam African Naturalistas). She's trying to point out that I'm naughty. 

And I'm trying to point out that she's SHORTER than me
But I can see over their heads though. So obviously...

 I left around 5 maybe. The rain was just coming down in torrents at this point, and we still needed to go to the Locs event. When we got there, there were huge puddles all over the place and I was being my aje-butter self, so guess what... Cakes actually carried me on his back, on the main road so that I wouldn't have to get my feet wet. I promise I didn't ask him to carry me - he volunteered. Isn't he so gallant?!?!?!?

Madam Locitude. She put the whole event together :)

Look who I met! Ms. Wana Wana of Inspiration FM

From there, we stopped by for a little bit at Bogobiri. Our friend, Bemyoda, had a gig and it was going to be a night full of fun performances. We stayed for 30 minutes before the whole day of activities caught up with us, so we left and headed home to crash.

Well, I would like to tell you I went to church and had a fun day at the Thanksgiving service, but somebody thought it was a wise idea to deliver ALL the cakes before service. How about we got there at 11:45 and church was over at 12pm? We just gave offering and headed to Cakes' cousin's house for her baby's dedication party. But that was not before I ran into Bovi!!!!!!!!!! He's currently my fave Nigerian comedian and he graciously agreed to take pictures with me, even though he was rushing off to meet people.

Done my usual light makeup in the car

What's the plural of a selfie? Ussie? Well, Berry and Cakes selfie

It's Boviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Yay, can I fly away with you Bovi? No? Oh, fine!
After the dedication, we canceled our anniversary celebration lunch because we were both full and heading to my friend's house anyways. We got there and Cakes played with her 3-month old baby the whole time! My friend was impressed because her husband is the only guy that's held the baby for longer than a few minutes. Cakes can't wait for us to have his twin daughters *insert blank face* :-|

From there, we went back to Eko Hotel for Basketmouth's show. We got there late and spent 30 minutes parking, trekking all the loooooooooong way to the hall and finding seats together. Bovi hosted the show and he's always funny to me. I caught Buchi, another comedian from Uganda or was it Kenya, Praiz, and finally Basketmouth. Twas aight. We left early - hunger, my feeling sick again, and fatigue. We stopped somewhere to get yucky shawarma and headed home.

I really like my dress. This is the one my tailor took hostage!!!

And that was the end of my weekend. Next weekend should be quieter, and hopefully our inverter will be back in the house. There is no reason why anyone should live without 24-hour electricity!!!

I need chicken pepper soup oooooooooooooooooooo! What will it take for me to get some?

Have a berryliciously pretty week, you berry hawt person, you!

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  1. You had a really busy but fun weekend, hope you feel much better now. I absolutely love the style of your orange dress, xx

    1. Thanks. I'm recuperating... trying to fill up on meds.

    2. Berry that cake is nice!!! your husband get talent.
      This sicky feeling and pepper soup cravings...Berry are you sure the twins aren't already in you?


  2. Busy weekend...
    Bovi, is that a Zenith bank envelope under your arm? Diamond bank will catch you o...lol


    1. Loool, your eyes are really sharp o! Didn't even notice the envelope until you said so.


    2. WOW, how closely were you looking?!?!? I just knew he had something in his hands.

  3. 1. That sewing machine cake. Is it being delivered or did I miss my delivery?? Cos obvi it is mine innit???
    2. I love Bovi and Basketmouth together:)
    3. Sounds like a packed weekend. I would love to go to one of those Natural Hair events next time I'm home.

    1. 1. FedEx just called and said they delivered it to the wrong addy
      2. Me too!
      3. Hopefully there'll be one whenever you come over.

  4. LOL at you wanting to fly away with Bovi
    that dress looks amazing
    i hope my own tailor will be able to get it

    1. Thanks! I just printed a picture and discussed it with my tailor. It's not exactly what I wanted, but he tried.

  5. Dear Berry, hope you are feeling much better. Happy Anniversary to you and cakes :). *clears throat* about the peppersoup, it's on the mainland and you're mainlandphobic. How we go do am?

    1. Wow, see backtracking! I thought I was bad when I disowned Yobo but you take the cake!!!

      No, I'm not feeling much better. I still need chicken pepper soup. *coughs sneezes* See????

  6. You had a very lovely dress on * last picture*.......Cakes carried you on his back?! * damn!!!! (does a one over on self)

  7. Happy Anniversary to you and Cakes :) such a gorgeous couple. Sounds like you had busy busy fun weekend.

  8. LMAOO! Berry what is this?

    It was great to meet you too hun! :*


  9. LOL... Your posts always have me laughing/smiling! *kisses*.. Cakes is such a Knight! God bless him plenty jare + your ajebutter self too :-)
    You look very lovely..
    Meanwhile, have you met a new 'cousin' to replace the old one hehehe xxxx

    1. Lol, thanks.

      And not yet. I have to take my time with the next cousin I have. I need to know what kinda shenanigans the person could potentially pull one day.

  10. Your dress is super gorgeous.
    I don't know what my reaction will be when i get to meet my cousin "BOVI".*you see Berry i also have a cousin too*winks*
    Happy New month to you, Cakes and every Berrylicous Reader's.
    The Beautiful Eagle

  11. Your hubby is talented, that cake is gorgeous. Congrats on the 6 month anniversary, wish you many, many, many more to come! And that dress....mmm im looking for a tailor now..I want something similar. Look out for it on my blog *hides*

  12. That sewing machine cake though..skills!


  13. There's no way you and I won't wear boxing gloves and end up in the ring. Absolutely no way. You will be wearing witch heels when you know I'm working, and have to wear flats. Remove them, and go down to your original level, and let's see who really is the winner in this game. Rubbish and nonsense. Lol.

    Mehn, that cake and that dress. Na wa o. I love the pic where I did a thumbs up. Please send to me.

  14. never mind the dress, i have have my eyes on those beautiful sandals you are wearing.

  15. 1...that cake is awesome....ur man has got skills plus carrying u over water...Jesus pls bless me with a gallant young man.
    2...love ur blog and ur dress...keep it up girl


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