July 31, 2014

E-book Review: GET U.G.L.Y

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I was given the opportunity to read this e-book by Adaeze Obiako (who blogs over at Deserve Your Great Life). Her blog is a series of inspirational posts with a Christian perspective, that discuss topics to aim to help you live a Happy and Fulfilled Life.

She recently published her first e-book, which you can get on her blog for FREE! The title first strikes you - GET U.G.L.Y. She turns the word "UGLY" into an acronym that stands for Unconditionally Grateful Looking like You.

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The introduction tells Ada's story of growing up in high school feeling less than pretty. Fast forward to college, and she became the IT Girl, which surprisingly left her feeling more insecure. (You know how that can be - you begin to feel pressured to look, dress, act a certain way to keep up pretty appearances).

The book then goes on to list ten steps, one per chapter, on how to live a life that makes you look and feel better about yourself. This is not a how-to apply makeup, what-to-wear, trends-to-follow kind of book. Rather, the steps range from Smile to Limiting Time Spent on Social Media and even Accepting Compliments Graciously (which I have a hard time with sometimes).

Apart from the title, one of the first things that struck me were the colors and illustrations. They're fun and quickly draw you in. The book was quite easy to read, and one can easily breeze through it. However, it does give you food for thought, as the theme really deals with learning to love yourself and putting your best, confident foot forward.

I would recommend that you visit Ada's blog and download Get U.G.L.Y for FREE. In fact, I would print some copies and pass around to teenage girls, who are just coming into their own. With the abundance of hypersexualized celebrities and idols out there, our young women need a resource like this book to help filter out the noise and learn to love themselves for WHO they are.

This is a great first effort from Ms. Obiako and I can't wait for more from her.

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  1. Thanks berry, I'm heading over there now to get a copy. Cheers


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