July 30, 2014

Back like I never left!

Hey there pretty people!

Thanks so much for your kind words on my last post. The funeral went well, and everybody got back to their various homes safely. Cakes and I then embarked on a road trip of sorts across Southern Nigeria for rest, relaxation and friends' weddings. It literally felt like we were traveling every other day!

TUESDAY: Drove from Warri to PH
WEDNESDAY: Day trip to Owerri to visit my awesome grandparents
FRIDAY: Day trip to Uyo for my friend's traditional wedding
MONDAY: Drove back to Lagos from PH

As in, thank God for the public holiday cos we got to rest on Monday evening, and for the better part of Tuesday. I feel refreshed and ready to conquer the world!!!

I'll share some pictures from our trip in an upcoming post, and continue with the Proverbs Blog-Along too.

I missed you guys o!!! I hope you missed me too.

P.S. There's Ebola in Nigeria?!?!?!?! Ha! Please o, take a cue from me and go and buy Hand Sanitizer to carry with you everywhere! Don't shake nobody, don't hug nobody, heck don't even look at nobody! If you're single, now's not the best time to meet new people too, because I was not there by that time if anything happens o.

Ready to go to my friend's wedding


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  1. Welcome back babes! x


  2. Looking fabulous. Welcome back!
    Hope the burial itself wasn't emotionally stressful. That moment when the coffin is dropped down can be hard.

    1. Thanks!

      I was inside the house with my mum-in-law, so I didn't see that part. I surprisingly held myself together sha.

  3. and so my princess returns looking fabulously beautiful.
    thank God everything went well.......i'm with a hand sanitizer in my purse right now but i'm trusting that God will protects us all.
    Welcome back hun....and a big HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII to Cakes

    1. Thanks dear. Trust God while using common sense o! Remember Proverbs :p

    2. lol....yes Ma'am.....and hope we'll resume the proverbs blog along.

  4. Welcome back Berry! Thank God for His grace during the burial ceramony *hugs*
    You look fabulous! xx

  5. Yay!!! welcome back.
    hope you are well rested and you had fun during your road trip.

  6. Welcome back Berry. You look lovely. And sure you enjoyed the numerous road trips with the other half. Road trips are fun me think, well when you're with someone fun.

    1. Thanks Missy! They're fun yes, but I'd much rather do a road trip in countries with good roads and security.

  7. Welcome back Berry. I'm sure I missed you most. Good to have you back.



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