June 30, 2016

Our UK Family Holiday - Part 5 - Girls Day Out

Let's get right into the next part of my family's UK Holiday series, shall we?

Remember in my Travel Tips for Large Groups, I mentioned that you should schedule personal/alone time? On the Sunday while we were in England, we were all free to do anything we wanted. I decided to meet up with an old friend from secondary school (she blogs here), and a new friend from blogging (she blogs here).

We met up near here, which I've already blogged about.

But first, I had to get a soft-serve ice cream with the chocolate flake thingy. It reminds me of my childhood, when we would eagerly wait for the ice cream truck to come to our neighborhood. Speaking of ice cream trucks, I don't think they have them anymore :(

So this is my friend, Ufuoma. We were in the same class in secondary school in Port Harcourt. She has not aged a day!!! And her skin is something else!

While walking down Oxford Street, I saw this little side street and had to put some of my Photography class skills to use... meanwhile, I'm currently taking another course. Like someone commented in this post about my job search, at least I can be thankful for time to pursue other things.


 While waiting for Kachi, we stopped by a toy store, because we're both apparently children at heart.

 I liked this Iron Man model made from Lego. I miss playing with Lego :(

Oooh, when I saw this Barbie Doll House, I almost freaked out!!! Yup, I still get excited by Barbie dolls.

And Optimus Prime because he's a total bad a$$!

We finally met up and headed to our destination. I had been craving Indian Food, and Trip Advisor pointed me towards this place called, The Radjoot, in Marylebone. According to Trip Advisor reviews, it's the 4th best Indian restaurant in London. and 100th best out of 17,084 restaurants. So obviously, we expected good food.

I can't remember everything we ordered, but we got naan, peshwari naan (which is AMAZEBALLS), biryani, and either a chicken or fish curry.

Funny story... we placed our order to include biryani, which is made of rice, meat and different herbs/spices. The waiter then asked us if we wanted rice. We said no, because we had already ordered biryani. But he kept asking us to order rice... WHY?!?!? BIRYANI IS RICE!

Anyways, our food was absolutely delicious!!! The company was great! None of our husbands were with us, so we got to have lots of girl talk... we chatted about women taking their husband's last names after marriage (Kachi wrote about it on her blog - I've actually avoided the topic here for reasons best known to myself); we talked about couples actively making holiday plans; hubbies that play video games and watch football all the time. Check out my post here about Cakes and his "Training."

Either ways, we had a blast for a few hours and then had to head back to our various destinations. It was my first time meeting Kachi, and she was such a pleasure and joy to hang with. I like how blogging has made my world bigger, in that I've met a number of people I otherwise may have never encountered.

By the time I got home, it was all fun times with my family. The following morning we were going to head off to Edinburgh, Scotland! So yup, get ready for that part of the vacay next week!

My brother is a joker!

Side note: We ate soooooooooooo much food in England!!! Like, every single day! Is it that America doesn't have as nice tasting food?

Thanks to Ufuoma and Kachi for hanging out with me! Love you ladies :)


  1. Lol...I'm the one that plays video games while my husband works on his laptop. I am the one bargaining for an extra hour sometimes. Him and my mum already know not to try to gist with me too much when I'm gaming.

    And I love biryani. Exhtra spicy lamb biryani for the win!

    1. Lol, really?! What games do you play? I'm curious to know.

      Biryani is the real MVP of Indian food!

  2. Oh Berry! I should have given my most bad-ass pose if I knew these pictures will end up here!! Loool. It was such an absolute pleasure meeting you in person!! *Big Squeezy Hugs*


    1. LOL, were the photos going to stay on my camera? :p


  3. The ice cream truck is still very much around. It comes to my neighbourhood every now and then. My kids would run and scream, letting me know it is there so I could purchase some ice cream for them. It doesn't matter if there's ice cream at home. Buying from the ice cream truck is always, so much fun!

    That Indian food made my mouth water. Your friend, Ufouma is pretty. Holy Moses!

    I could recognise Kachi, without you even introducing her. I feel like I know you ladies "for reals". The virtual world is amazing.

    What else did I read? Ehen, what was your brother doing? Lol


    1. They don't come to our neighborhood anymore, which sucks. I don't know why.

      Thanks on Ufuoma's behalf! I'll let her know :)

      And yup, the virtual world is great! Making new friends all over the world!!!

      Hehe, my brother just randomly poses. We're jokesters in our house.

  4. Shout out to your friend Ufuoma cos she just gave me an outfit idea. I have a jacket that's almost exactly the same as the one she's wearing, and I've had no idea how on earth to style it cos the leather look is a bit too much for me. But just by looking at her, I had an idea to pair it with a mini orange skirt and a white/black striped t-shirt (completely different from hers, I know, but somehow I got the inspiration), and it came out looking good!! Thanks Ufuoma :)


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