June 10, 2016

Berry Lovely Links

Hey y'all!

Hope your week's been going well. I haven't kept up with my links as I should, and for that I apologize. But I've got new links for you to catch up on.

  1. Wanna try something new? Here are a few hobbies you can start with.
  2. Check out 10 Shocking Secrets from Flight Attendants.
  3. This blog post by Pastor Tony Rapu is a must read! Who Stole My Wedding Gown? One sentence that struck me was, "We were not created for marriage; marriage was created for us."
  4. I liked this article that shared what Marriage should be like after kids
  5. Who wants to go on a Social Media Detox this weekend?! Not me sha.
  6. This was the first publicized Case of Date Rape


  1. Reading the rape story now -wow! Just came back to drop this comment. lol


    1. I knowwwwwww. I'm sha happy she was brave enough to come out with it

  2. I read the article by Tony Rapu and it is so on point!!! I pray more singles get to embrace and enjoy their singleness. Marriage shouldn't be a person's ultimate life goal.

    For the social media detox, not now when I'm trying to build my blog. I try to use social media with a lot of discipline though.

    Thanks for the lovely links!

    Precious Blog

    1. I enjoyed his piece a lot too. I know it can be hard for singles sometimes but they should be encouraged.

      How do you discipline your use of social media?

  3. Date rapes having more often than we think. In Nigeria, my friend mentioned how he saw a guy spiking his date's drink. Ridiculous!

    6 Questions on our Igbo Yoruba Inter-Ethnic Marriage

    1. OMG, what did your friend do? I hope he told the girl


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