June 14, 2016

Our UK Holiday Part 1 - Trafalgar Square

Hello me dahlings!

I'm seriously trying to get back into the groove of my regular blog posts. While we were in the UK, my blogging schedule kinda suffered. Between all the traveling, sightseeing, and getting sick, I just couldn't post as much as I wanted to. And even after coming back, the zeal to edit the photos and videos was severely lacking. No joke, I have over 2300 photos from our time in England and Scotland! Since they are so many, I will break up the posts into different parts, and I hope you enjoy all of them.

First of all, we rented a house in Eltham, which is in Southeast London. To get to the city itself, we took the rail to Charing Cross Station. From Charing Cross, we were able to get around using the "BIG RED BUS" according to my nephew, or walking around, or using the underground Tube.

On our first full day in England, we were supposed to go to Sky Garden, which a FREE tourist attraction where you have beautiful views of London. If you want to go though, you need to book your time slot in advance on their website. We had booked early, but on the day of, everyone was running late. Since we were so late, we scrapped those plans and went gallivanting around London.

The Charing Cross Station's original building was opened in 1864, and the network rail line serves the Southeastern parts of London. Just a short walk away is Trafalgar Square which is famous on its own. Right there at Trafalgar square is the National Gallery Museum, which you can get into for FREE! London has a lot of museums that are free to the public.

There are also a lot of street performers, like these guys that look like they're floating in the air.

My brother had some fun with him.

You also have magicians, artists, and other kinds of street performances to keep you entertained.

In the middle of Trafalgar Square is Nelson's column, which was built to celebrate the life of Admiral Horatio Nelson.

He died in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. It took about 3 years to build, from 1840 to 1843 at a cost of 47,000 pounds!

Nelson's column is surrounded by 4 of these bronze lion statues, which were added in 1867.

The day we went, the column was blocked off in preparation for a concert that was scheduled for the following day.

Also in Trafalgar Square are two fountains, which were installed to counteract the effects of reflected heat and glare from the asphalt surface of the square.

When my immediate younger sister and I were younger, we used to visit England almost every year and one of our favorite memories was chasing and feeding the pigeons at Trafalgar Square. [Un]fortunately, laws were enacted to ban feeding the pigeons there in the early 2000's. Apparently, there was damage to Nelson's column over the years from pigeon droppings. Some of the pigeons are resilient sha, because my nephew still got to chase around a few of them that day.

What I loved about England were the many many statues and sculptures around. I mentioned my love for sculptures in this post.

Hey, there's Cakes!

He annoyed me that day sha. Just because I'm usually the one taking photos, whenever anyone else (aka Cakes) has the camera, they forget to take photos of ME!

Like here...

And here...

You see?

By the time I was sulking was when Cakes decided he would take my photo. Hoff kerse I wasn't having it. I did shakara for him :)

See my snaps from that first day below.

So this concludes the first part in my UK Holiday series. I'll be posting more in the coming days and next week. Some of the posts will include our fancy day at Afternoon Tea, my vlog on Shopping with Nemi (see her vlog here), hanging out with friends, our days in Scotland (I LOVE LOVE LOVE Edinburgh!), and tours of our accommodation in both places.

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  1. I love what your brother and sister are wearing. I know that feeling - mine is just laziness anyways.


  2. Dreamy sigh, lovely pictures. Can't wait to fulfil my dreams of touring.

    1. I hope you get to tour and travel and see the world. It makes for great experiences.

  3. Finally oh! I'm sure they'd be like 15 parts. But then I xcan imagine how much stress sorting and editing will be. Even that little Cornwall trip took me forever to put up the pictures.

    Gosh I really should explore this London more often oh. Stay there and be doing shakara, that's how you won't appear in any picture.

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    1. LOL! It's not my fault there were so many photos to take!

      And yes, you need to explore more... there's so much to offer.

  4. the sculptures look really lovely and I know what you mean about people forgetting to take your pictures.
    Looking forward to the rest of the post.

    1. Thank you very much Tomie. I hope you enjoy them.

  5. I love how sculptures tell the story of cities, love the pictures. To avoid being too lazy to blog, I do not edit my pictures. I am looking forward to visiting scotland and seeing a cemetery i read about sometime back plus my uncle lives there. so hopefully soon. Love love this post very detailed.x


    1. Thanks Dee. I didn't edit this set of photos because there were too many from the trip. For smaller sets, I do edit. I hope you get to go to Scotland soon - it's really lovely.

  6. Hi Lady,

    I absolutely enjoyed reading this post! It felt like one went along with you on the trip. I didn't know the history behind Trafalgar Square.

    Thank you for sharing, very nice. :-)

    1. Thanks Nedoux. I'm glad you enjoyed the post and felt like you were right there with us.



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