December 18, 2015

Berry Lovely Links


How's your week been? I hope you've had a nice one. Christmas is exactly a week away and I still haven't put up my tree!!! At this rate, I might put it up on Christmas Eve.

I hope you're checking the Events page - there are so many events within the next week or two. I've actually had to update it every single day this week!

  1. Naija Bachelor shares 15 Things a Gentleman Should Do Differently.
  2. For the longest time as a teenager, I believed Timbaland, Missy Elliott and a few artists never used curse words in their songs. It was a rude awakening to hear the real versions of their songs. Check out The Art of the Clean Version and see the different ways songs are cleaned up for radio.
  3. Stephanie Obi shared a personal story in her article How to Get Ready for 2016. We can make goals, but are we lying to ourselves?
  4. In my mind I like to wear scarves. They can be very Old-Hollywood. In reality, I don't really wear them often. But if you do check out this video showing 25 Ways to Wear Scarves.
  5. This guy writes about Being Successful versus Being Known/Famous.
  6. So my camera broke this week - it fell and now won't turn on. And I have bunches of events this weekend, so How to Take Better Phone Photos and How to Take Better Photos with your Android Phone are very necessary for me right now.


  1. Have a lovely weekend Berry! Ur phone might just have to be the backup until you sort the camera out.

    1. Thanks darl. Yup, or I'll find a camera to borrow

  2. Aww and I have a similar post on taking better photos in the works. I'll still post it sha lol

    I just started following stephanie obi, love her!

    1. Ah, see now it would have been your link I would have used.

      I hope she's on Bloglovin so I can follow her properly

  3. I read about Stephanie's post and i feel like she's talking directly to me. Thanks for sharing your lovely links Berry


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