December 11, 2015

Berry Lovely Links


I know that I've been really bad with updating my Lovely Links posts weekly. They are supposed to be up every Friday and I just haven't been keeping up - my apologies. I hope to do better in 2016.

Here's a fresh set of links though :)

  1. First up is the We Believe You website, which I think is desperately needed in Nigeria. A lot of people are forced to live with sexual assault secrecy, because unfortunately our culture usually blames the victim. Here is a website where you can leave your stories, and hopefully take one step towards getting rid of the associated shame.
  2. I saw this shared on Facebook - 26 Things Everyone Should Do for Themselves at Least Once a Year. Since the new year is coming up, start making plans :) In fact, at 26, you can do one every 2 weeks and go through the complete list. 
  3. Start a Business From Your Bedroom with No Budget - This has some great tips for that person who is looking to become an entrepreneur. 
  4. Since it's weekend, laundry time is here - check out these 12 Laundry Hacks You've Never Heard Before. E.g. Aspirin makes your whites brighter!
  5. 9 Steps to Defining Your Personal Style - I'm not sure I know what my personal style is, and this article gives a few pointers towards helping me reach that place.
  6. I found 22 Habits That Will Make Your Life a Little More Peaceful Each Day interesting. Something I'm trying to incorporate is having a Thankful Journal - writing down at least 5 things I'm thankful for everyday. 


  1. I miss them. Thank you so much for sharing. Really interested in no 2. Some extra adventure won't hurt. Lol.

    1. You're welcome. I'll definitely do a lot better going forward.

  2. There's also this tumblr page -> I think its similar to number 1 for Nigerians.

  3. Hiya,

    Thank you for sharing. I am off to read. :-)

    Have a super weekend!

  4. I'll go check No 5 when am on PC cos my mobile can't view it. I think we've both got something in common -not sure of what my personal style is. Lol

  5. @26 Things: nos 2 and 21 are so for me right now.


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