June 24, 2014

May I take your order?

*ahem* While I'm continuing with the blog revamp, I'd like to include you. As it it now, I mostly blog at random, but I blog for you too, so it's only fair to ask.

What would you like to see more of on my blog?

Faith posts?
Relationship posts?
Hair posts?
Fun posts? As in, outings and stuff.
Food posts? I doubt it.
News/current events posts? Please note, that they might veer more towards pop culture and entertainment.
Let's not even use the 'S' word here (you know, style) Lol.

P.S. I've expanded to having a Facebook page, even though I'm not entirely sure what I'll do with it, apart from putting up post links.

Talk to me :)

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  1. Share the story of how Cakes built his business

  2. Relationship,relationship.relationship!
    Outings too are cool!
    How u fell in love with Cakes?not "met" etc

  3. More socialite sturves and celebrity sightings :-P

  4. I think you should blog "anything" nd everything. As long as itz of interest.

  5. Anything and everything. You always make it fun, just like gisting with a really funny friend..

  6. Ooops, p.s. Call it jealousy or whatever, I don't like all the socialite gists.. I can't relate to it anyway, just annoying...

  7. Anything you share, I'm sure I'll like it. Its the tone of the blog that gets me, not your content really.

  8. True @ilola it's the gist feel I like about your blog too, anything and everything is fine for me

  9. Berry, blog about anything as long as its interesting. Please check out my blog



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