May 24, 2013

Tyler Perry's Temptation

This movie just opened last week in Nigeria. Because of my part-time job, I get to watch movies for FREEEEEE! I still haven't convinced them to throw in popcorn, drinks, cookies, sadly.

Anyways, so this past Monday, my weekly meeting was canceled and it was very convenient to stop by Genesis Deluxe Cinemas at The Palms Mall, to catch Temptation. Here are my thoughts...

  1. I'm not into Tyler Perry movies. At all. I've probably watched a grand total of 3. I refused to watch any Madea film, and the rest of them. I'm just not into "black" movies. Or should I say "ghetto" films? Or films with "angry black women." They just bore me. Give me a 'Jumping the Broom,' with educated, middle-to-upper class African-American families, and I'd be more interested. Anyways, I watched this one. It was okay, I guess.
  2. Kim Kardashian is the WORST ACTRESS in the history of acting! I absolutely detest bad acting. It physically hurts me. And Kim, I like you (although I hate your dating-Kanye, pregnancy fashion choices), but acting is a bad idea for you. What was Tyler Perry thinking when he cast you?! What was he thinking during production?! What was Mr. Perry thinking during post-production and editing?! *le sigh* It appears that he wasn't thinking. 
  3. I can see why the female lead cheated on her husband. I'M NOT SAYING IT IS RIGHT O! The person next to you is my witness. But I can see why. It's been said that when women cheat, it's mostly because there's something missing. For her, her marriage had become boring. There was no oomph! And when she tried to bring the oomph, her husband was more interested in making a sandwich. *insert blank stare* Dear Married People, please don't get boring. Unless you were boring in the first place. In which case I say, carry on."
  4. Now, even though her marriage was boring, all she needed to do was compare her new guy to her husband. I just have to say this... JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMN, LANCE GROSS IS FOINE!!!

  5. *swooooooooooooooooooon* I mean, look at his face! Look at that smile!!!! It's so fuzzy-feeling-producing! HAWTY McHAWTINGTON! Erm, I can't remember the rest of my points. 
Have a pretty weekend everybawdy!


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  1. lolol he's hot sha i cannot lie!

  2. Hey Berry! I'm looking for a part-time job too. Care to hook a brother up?

  3. lol, i like watching Black movies, because there isn't much to watch. But I too get turned off with the stereotyped roles Black people play in Black TV shows, movies and the media in general. I haven't seen

  4. I missed your birthday :( Happy belated birthday missie.

    I've actually been contemplating whether to do a review on Temptations or not. I have to agree with you on Lance Gross. He is beautiful. Wooooosh!! But I think Kim did a pretty good job. Brandy on the other hand, not so much.

    Anyway, I learned!


  5. Happy belated birthday, heard so much about tempation. I guess I might just have to watch it on dvd rather than in the cinema. Terry stay over flogging african/black american stereotypes.

  6. kai! the man is toooooooo hooootttttt. *drools*. i just kept on saying "forget her, i'll take care of you" :')
    I loved the movie tho

  7. you dont have subscribe via email button? addiiitttttt

  8. @ Kome, Stylefash, Cassandra: YES HE IS!

    @ Taiwo: Erm... If there's anything you're good at, that people are willing to pay for, just draw up a short proposal. That's what I did.

    @ TMC: That's what puts me off.

    @ Mstizzle: Write one! I wanna hear other's thoughts on the movie

    @ Lara: LOL! Yeah, don't pay to watch it

    @ Cassandra: I now have a Subscribe button because of you :)


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