May 13, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!!!

*for the record, I tried to post this yesterday, but thanks to Swift  - my internet provider in Nigeria - I was unable to!!! woooooosaaaaaaaah!*

It's Mothers Day today, and I'm sad that I'm away from my mum, but glad that my siblings and nephew are loving on her and making her feel special.

Last year, I shared this video from Procter & Gamble on Facebook.

The first time I watched it, I cried. The video perfectly captured a mother's role - selfless, sacrificing, supportive, loving, etc. My mum is all these and so much more. Sometimes I think about it and wonder if I could ever be like her -she's a very tough act to follow.

Me and my mummy!

My sister too... She went through so much to have the most precious little boy in the world. Her strength and willpower were beyond amazing. I wish I could post her story, but that's her testimony.

My grandmother, my aunts, my godmother - they're all special in their own ways.

The point of this post is to wish all the mothers in my life a very special day. I love you all, no matter how far away I am.


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