May 1, 2013

The taller, the better-looking?

Yo yo!

How are you guys? How's your week going? Hope it's pretty :)

So last week Thursday at work, I got a bajillion compliments and appreciative looks. Over and over, throughout the day, people commented on how nice I looked... words like "Fabulous, Hot, Babe, etc flew around me." I'm not saying it to brag o. It's not like I was wearing anything flashy. Not like I was showing cleavage or legs or curves. But it struck me that the previous time I got comments like this, and last week as well, I was wearing heels. Like 6 - 7 inch heels. Wait o, it was the exact same pair of shoes both times. Hmmm... are these magic shoes?

Anyway, I'm a short person. I'm about 5'2-ish. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my height. I like that most guys are taller than me. I like that even when I wear heels, they're still taller than I am. But why is it that when I wear heels, I get more compliments? Would I be more attractive if I was taller? I don't think I look that much different. In fact, I wear flats or kitten heels when I show more skin. My logic is if my skirt is short, then it doesn't look as "bad" when I'm wearing flats.

It's a double standard, I know, but I think taller men are more attractive. I've said a few times that I wouldn't date anyone shorter than 6 feet tall. Sometimes I even joke that 6-ft men are borderline short. :p

Exhibit A - The head-turning shoes

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