May 10, 2013

On Proposals

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Yesterday on Bella Naija, there was a feature post on a cinema proposal in Lagos. It was really sweet and I teared up a little. One of the comments in response to the video struck me:

*sigh*and that was how I got a very(in my opinion) thoughtless proposal from my (now) fiance…I love him and all that but considering all that we’ve been through,the proposal just came across as something he just wanted to get out of the way*sad face*…While i have no unrealistic expectations of marching bands and jets in the sky, yes i have had a certain way i would have liked to be proposed to and I feel somewhat sad that he,who is supposed to know me better than anyone else didn’t even come close to giving me a heartwarming memory of the day he proposed…

Don't you just feel bad for her? I mean, yeah, the focus of the marriage shouldn't be on the proposal or ring or the wedding, but I think that some thought and effort should be put into them.

On Wednesday at church, a couple's wedding arrangements were announced (look out for a future blog post about my thoughts on announcing weddings at church). This couple met at my church, and the gentleman proposed to her during a church service. I missed it because I was visiting another church that evening.

After I heard about it though, I thought to myself that I probably wouldn't want a proposal at church, because it's been done maybe 2/3 times already. In the same vein, I wouldn't want a proposal in a bar or club. It just seems tacky. I'm kinda half-and-half about being proposed to in a restaurant too. It would have to be an utterly romantic restaurant for that to happen. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want a private proposal either. Like, can someone be filming me and immortalize my reaction, and can we get some applause and cheers? :D

I have an old post on the BEST PROPOSAL EVER! Granted, the guy had a lot of help and I can't imagine being proposed to like that, but he must have had something up his sleeve in the first place. Dear future hubby, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put some thought, creativity and effort into my proposal.

Sometimes I wish I was a guy, so I can propose to myself in the most fantabulous way. I have ideas already.

  1. Like I'd make my friends take me out to dinner, and then surprise me with music and candlelight and family or somn. OR 
  2. I'd enlist the help of my dance/drama group at church and they'd sing and dance and surprise me during church service. OR 
  3. I'd create a romantic video with messages from family and friends and post it on Bella Naija - the logistics of capturing my reaction though would have to be worked out. OR 
  4. I'd take me to the beach or hotel and have candles set up everywhere. And then bring out the violinist and have them play something romantic. 
Eeeeeek! I just remembered something. Dear Future Hubby, please please please make sure my nails are done, and that I have some makeup on! Ain't nobody trying to look crappy in her proposal video/pictures. 

*Note: I feel a little silly with this post, because it seems like I'm over-analyzing or overthinking proposals. But you have to remember, I have a very active imagination and I just can't help myself sometimes.*



  1. U r not serious o, lol. One thing is this. If you were a male, you won't be thinking about proposals.

  2. lolol. Berry and her thoughts. funny enough I'd like a very simple proposal. haven't quite thought about details and all but something simple.. and yes I should be looking on point! :)

    1. I feel bad for myself cos I'm just not interested in getting my nails done at the salon! And when I do it myself, the polish chips within the hour!

      Maybe I just overly fantasize sometimes and I think I'm in one looooong movie *acting blood*

  3. I would like a memorable proposal too. I think of the story i will tell my kids about their dad's had better be good!

  4. very funny on your thoughts, I'm sure you wish your future hubby is reading this to get hints


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