June 3, 2013

Twas my birthday!!! - PART ONE

Hello beautiful ladies, and handsome gentlemen!

Isn't it such a glorious day?!

Actually, not quite. The clouds are meh, my office is cold, and of course I have the sniffles because I thought it'd be a smart idea to wear a halter top to the office.

So, a lot has happened in the past week.

I'm soooooooooooooooooo sawry I haven't put up a post. Between being extra busy, and my Swift modem having epilepsy, there wasn't any way I could put up a nice post.

In any case, I'm BACK!

I've been making noise about my birthday coming up, and wondering what to do - get a phone, go shopping, travel, etc. Well, I didn't get a phone (not yet but it will come). I kinda went shopping the week before on JCPenney online (they have some nice stuff, and they were ON SALE!). And I did travel - just not to Ghana.

Let's start with May 28th
I had Pineapple cupcakes delivered to my office to share with my coworkers. YUMMY!!!

Provided by Cake Factory

Office celebration, check!

One of my very closest friends shares the same birthday as me. So we had planned to have a Girls Dinner In - NO BOYS ALLOWED! My friend had arranged for 8 of us ladies to have dinner at her house, with a 5-course meal by the fabulous CHEF FREGZ! The theme/dress code was 'Glitz and Glam.' I was looking forward to it, because it had been a while since I hung out properly with my girlfriends, and I really wanted to dress up too! The plan was to leave my office at 4pm, head to the salon for the pedicure, go home and relax a little bit, dress up and head on my merry way.

How about I left the office at 5pm, waiting for a serious storm to subside, AND there was maddening traffic everywhere! I was so discombobulated and it seemed like everything was topsy-turvy. I finally got home at 6pm, reluctantly painted over glittery nail polish that refused to come off, and started dressing up. Cakes and his cousin came over, and we agreed that Cakes would drop me off at my friend's house and pick me up in the morning (Girly Sleepover Time!). Dinner was supposed to start at 8pm. Guess what time I left my house. Rhymes-with-ATE-PM. And of course, the traffic hadn't subsided, so I got to her house pretty late. Luckily, 3 other ladies were later than I was.

Eventually dinner started and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See pictures below...

Berry n Cakes (thanks for the ride!)

Le Food a la Chef Fregz.
It was an Asian-themed dinner. And I don't remember what anything was (apart from Foie Gras, which is disgusting!). Everything else was MARVELOUS!

Sorry it's sideways.

Dancing already... Let's goooooooooo!

My friend's been joking about my Shiny Gold Booty

I would have loved to put up my friend's pictures, but some of them are camera-shy. In addition, a certain gossip blogger might see their pictures and post on her blog, so NUH-UH.

So, afterwards, the plan was to go out for drinks, innit? I was already in the dancing mood...

P.S. Maybe instead of a new phone, I should get a new camera. Although newer phones have much better cameras, so...

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  1. Happy Birthday darling... I should have know something was up when i didn't see your post early... Hehehehe. I can see you had a blast. Wishing you may more blessed years *Hugs & Kisses*


    1. Thank you. LOL, I was itching to get to a computer and blog.

  2. Happy birthday in arrears. You really look good in that outfit.

  3. Happy Birthday dear! And you did look fab!

  4. Happy very berry fabulous birthday!!!!!!


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