May 23, 2013

Peevy coworkers


At this exact moment, I want to jump out of my seat and yell "PLEASE GO AWAY!"

  1. This lady at work, keeps coming to my desk to use my phone. She's done it 3 times in the past 2 hours, and it makes the hairs on the back of my neck, stand in annoyance. It would be one thing if she said "Excuse me, can I use your phone?" I would even be okay with her saying (in the usual Nigerian manner), "Berry I'm using your phone." Actually, that's a lie. That irks me too - telling me instead of asking...

    Anyways, she just magically appears behind me and starts dialing and I'm supposed to just sit there and smile at her. Eeeek! She just took my pen without asking too! *O lawd, somebody help me* I literally feel like a cockroach is climbing all over my body :(
  2. You know what though? She's better than this other man in the office. For whatever reason, he seems to believe that I'm in dire need of a neck massage. I'll be working at my desk, and from nowhere, I feel hands on my neck and shoulders, rubbing me. With trepidation and irritation, I turn around and he's there, smiling. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I need to shower. I feel yucky just thinking about it. You'd think that since Physical Touch is my love language, I wouldn't mind being touched. But eww! It has to be from people I actually like. :(
  3. I don't dress in an overtly revealing manner at work (contrary to what one or two people might say - they're just haters). But this man (a different one from the one above) constantly stares at me. As in, I'm walking down the hall, and he's watching and smiling. Or I'm speaking with my boss, and he's at his desk, looking at me. Or I'm trying to do some work and he comes to my desk and asks why I didn't come to greet him personally. Or he'll mention an artist he likes and insist that I open Youtube to listen to the music. (He likes OLD country music) *insert blank stare*
Speaking of office characters, the lady that told me I shouldn't bother trying to diet because I'm allegedly orobo (fat/obese/round) and will never lose the weight, moved to a different department. YAY ME :)

PS: I realize 'Peevy' isn't a word, but I created it based on 'Pet Peeves.' So it just means Annoying. At which point, I ask myself why I didn't just title this post 'Annoying Coworkers.' :-|

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  1. Ugh, office characters! I work with a #3 too, minus the old country music thankfully and wait, a colleague just ups and comes to your desk to give you a massage?! Haha, no boundaries in the NIgerian workplace sha!

    Dang, Females be salty for no damn reason! Someone straight up told you that you will never lose weight?!

    1. LOL! Seriously, Personal Space is a foreign and unwelcome concept in Nigeria.

      Yes, she did! See it -

  2. raising an eyebrow on the neck massage thing.
    i had one pastor guy in the office doing the same massage thing, and im like hello, you are a pastor, hands off my shoulders. puhlssss.

  3. Gross...sexual harrassment!!

  4. Hehehehe....welcome to the Naija work setting, where kparapoism (Yoruba word- my interpretation for ass kissing + mindless sycophancy) would take you very very far!!!

    The worse part, you dare not complain...... heheheheh!

    1. That shouldn't be the case though...

      We give up too easily in Naija. No one seems to want to do anything about all this misbehavior :(

  5. I'll karate chop ur hands off my neck! that is soo weird!! lol, as for the starring...that is a normal Nigerian thing that I'm slowly coming to terms with...sadly!

  6. Hahaha I know that feeling, i call them over familiar co-workers. Especially those that don't know where to draw the line. Neck massage??? eeekkkkk.

  7. Erm, ok, your co-workers are a creepy bunch. I also have a guy who likes hugging me from the back. Since i gave him the look (read: shooting him daggers) he has thankfully stopped. Personal space truly means nothing here

    Nice blog

  8. I think you can talk to the first woman. It's better than dying in silence. As per the last lady, that's kinda mean o.

  9. emmm so I've always wondered. Naija HR department, what do they do? Just hire and fire people?

    @Berry this is why you need to own your own company. I'll invest.. lol

  10. @ Anon: If only I could karata chop his face!

    @ Stylefash: He still does it :( It's soooo creepy

    @ Toinlicious: Yeah, they are. I've actually tried to be non-responsive, to the point of rudeness, sometimes and it completely flies by them.

    @ ilola: I'm kinda letting it be. She's one of a LOT of people that just come and take things.

    @ Kome G: Nigerian HR is just for hiring and firing, yes. They are rude to the human capital, and lord their apparent power over people. Maybe I should go into HR and open a proper HR-training firm.


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