April 30, 2013

Random Thoughts - Igbo and Ships

Very random thoughts enter my head whenever they feel like, so I'll share. Maybe I should pick a day of the week for Random Thoughts to blog about? Random Tuesdays? But if I chose a day to be random, then that's not really true to the essence of "random." Random shouldn't be scheduled. Random is simply random.

*Ok, that wasn't one of my initial random thoughts, but it IS pretty random. Moving on...*

  1. I really want to learn how to speak/understand Igbo. Not because I want to learn a Nigerian language, or because my mum's Igbo. I want to learn so that I can sing along to Flavour's album. I'm obsessed with one of his songs called Destiny. Mmm mmm mmm!

  2. I want Flavour to sing at my wedding - but for free. It's good for artists to give back to their communities. And since I'm Nigerian, I'm part of his community-at-large. If you know someone who knows him who knows him, tell him to get at me. BTW, I don't like him because he has a nice body. I'm personally not attracted to him, but the voiiiiiiiiiiice! Choi!

  3. I want to see the 'Ship Graveyard' in Lagos (it's not really called the Ship Graveyard, I just made that up). No, there aren't ghosts or pirates (somewhat unfortunately) but for whatever reason, ships seem to be abandoned here. I'm not sure if they go bad, or the owners just don't want them anymore, but there are a bunch of them. Ideally (in my mind) I'd want to take possession of them and sell the scrap.

  4. I really want to be in a music video. But not as a video girl (like I wanted at some point). As a character with a story. Does anyone know an artist shooting a video in Lagos soon?

  5. I can't decide what I want for my birthday. A new phone? A mini-vacay? A beach picnic with friends? Jetskiing? Hmmm... maybe I'll put it up as a poll and you guys can choose for me! FUN TIMES!!!

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  1. berry! you've got me hooked on this song.. too bad my igbo is sooo poor, can't do the song justice with my "angelic" voice :(

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    1. Hahaha, I make up words that I think sound like what he's saying. My Igbo's poorer than yours, believe me.


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