March 21, 2013

Random - How to Survive an Elevator Fall

Ok, I agree I can be completely random sometimes. Since yesterday afternoon, it's been on my mind to research how to survive an elevator crash. I work in a 17-story building in Lagos, and I'm on the 4th floor. The thought has occurred to me in the past: "What would happen if this elevator went into free-fall now?" I had the perfect solution - JUMP at the last minute! But yesterday, I decided that I must research it and know for sure. And then 5 minutes later, I changed my mind about researching it, because I didn't want to jinx myself.

And now I'm at work this morning, and this thing is still nagging at my brain. So research, I did! And NPR, as well as other sources, told me that jumping ain't the way to go.  See the graphics below...

Here I is, Just chilling in the elevator, Listening to some  muzak (muzak is elevator music, btw)

And then, the next thing, *snap snap snap* elevator begins to fall. What does someone do?

Jump at the last minute? 
Sit or squat or crouch down?

LIE DOWN!!! Make sure your booty's to the floor
Oh, and cover your head with your arms, in case of falling debris.

Now, from further research, it appears that the likelihood of an elevator free fall is VERY SMALL. Elevator accidents are more likely due to doors failing - opening before the elevator car's there and if you're not looking, you walk into open space and plunge to the bottom; or catching you halfway between floors, so you're stuck and then the elevator starts moving and crushes you.

YIKES!!! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy am I looking up morbid stuff like this? I think I should go get a cuppa tea.

*And I'll be taking stairs for the the better part of the next week. Although I always worry I'll fall down a flight of stairs. I have a fear of falling, which is different from a fear of heights.*

:-| Sawry for the early morning randomness that is me. 

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