March 12, 2013

How-To Take a Great Selfie


It's a pretty day :) Okay, not really. I had a rude surprise at work today - but I'm over it. Why? Because Jesus loves me, YES HE DOES! Aaaaaaand, I feel pretty today. Do you ever have those days or periods where you just don't feel attractive at all? Where you just want to hide under a rock? I've felt like that for a little while now - not sure why. I actually had serious self-esteem issues a few years ago, so I guess it rears its ugly head every now and then...

Anyways, today I'd like to talk about SELFIES! What's a 'Selfie,' you ask? Well, a selfie is a photograph that you take of YOURSELF! You can use a camera, a phone, a tab, whatever. The point is YOU TAKING A PHOTOGRAPH OF YOURSELF. Okay, a lot of people (aka my FAMILY) might see it as vanity, BUT I don't agree. I simply like taking pictures of people. And the only person who's with me 24 hours of the day, is ME! So why can't I express my photography love and take pictures (of ME)? *runs to hide from the nagging voice in the back of my head that says I might be slightly narcissistic*

Enh heh! Back to the instructions...

Alrighty, have a pretty Tuesday!

Berry Dakara.

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