March 26, 2013


Hello ladies and gentlemen!

How are ya? *why does it feel like I'm writing a letter every time I put up a post?*

Anyways, I was just reading one of my devotionals this morning... if you're not reading your Bible, sign up with Youversion NOW!!!!! So I was reading from Joyce Meyer's Promises for Your Everyday Life, and today's topic is "Love Everyone Differently." The entry goes on to talk about how God is so creative that he made each and every person on Earth different. Let's not even talk about personalities and gifts and talents and quirks. Just even something as "simple" as a fingerprint.

There are over 7 BILLION PEOPLE in the world. (at this exact second while I type this, there are an estimated  7,106,314,602 people). And every single person has their own different, unique, one-of-a-kind fingerprint! Isn't that just mind-boggling? Like howwwwwww? Seriously, God, like how did/do You do it? It's all kinds of a-MAH-zing!

Can you imagine the kind of creativity required to make something over and over and over and over again, and have it be different, over 7 billion times?!


Sawry, I know it's random but I just had to share. If you ever feel just blah or whatever, take a look at your finger. God made you. God made you unique. There is NOBODY on Earth like you. And He loves you!

The end. Buhbye. Have a pretty day.
BTW, there are now 7,106,322,824 people in the world.

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