March 1, 2013

Berry Dakara and African Naturalistas

Hi guys!

So I decided to take the African Naturalistas up on their offer. Yes, I'm now part of the African Naturalistas team and will be posting about once a week! It's a little daunting and yet exciting, and I know I have so much to learn on the way, so Yay Me! BTW, this means I'm blogging for 4.5 different blogs right now! (This one, Ajebutter NYSC, Cake Factory, and African Naturalistas... and sometimes Review Naija)

I just published my very first post on there, titled "What I Know Now - Letter to my TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro)." I remember when I cut my hair for the first time (and the second and third times, because of some scissor-happy stylists), I felt sooooo awkward. In my head, and from what I saw in the mirror, I looked like a secondary school boy, albeit with boobs :p. Anyways, thought it'd be fun to share some pics from back then.

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