February 15, 2013

So yesterday was Valentine's Day...

Hello friends,

After all the eager anticipation and hype of Valentine's Day, I have come to the conclusion that future Valentine's Days will not be approached in the same manner. My reasons are as follows...

  1. You hype and hype and hype and if things don't turn out magical, it's a HUGE letdown. :(
  2. I got 2 things on my What NOT to buy HER post. Although, technically, I didn't add cake to the list. But it's the same thing as chocolate or candy. #ThereGoesMyDiet (*anyways I secretly wanted somn sweet to munch on)
  3. The flowers I got (also on the aforementioned list) were already wilted by the time I got them. And then I forgot them in my car last night... And this morning. So basically, I've been driving around with dead flowers *insert straight face here :-|
  4. The monologue I was invited to do... Well, I did it. Except that it wasn't exactly a monologue at the end of the day. Due to reasons beyond my control, the plans failed, and I quickly had to pen something down a couple of hours before the show. Of course, I wasn't about to memorize 2 pages worth of writing, so I read it out loud. I'll post the write-up in a different post. On the plus side, people said they liked it and gave me hugs. It was a sad story I wrote and I ended up in tears - it's called ACTING :p
  5. Not only did I have to come up with the new reading last-minute, my outfit didn't show up! I went to the venue from work, but wanted to glam up a bit, since I was going on stage and it was Valentine's Day. EPIC FAIL due to...
  6. MADDENING TRAFFIC IN LAGOS ON VALENTINE'S DAY! It took me 2 hours to get from Lagos Island to Terra Kulture in Victoria Island. Ideally, this should be a 10-15 minute drive. Oh, and it was in a taxi without AC and a VERY CRANKY driver (LOL), because my "ride" was stuck on the mainland.
  7. After all was said and done, I heard bad news towards the end of the night. My poor nephew's sick :( - May God heal your little body in no time flat, in Jesus name!!! I miss you and can't wait to skype with you this weekend.

    Also Nigerian singer/entertainer, Goldie, died suddenly. I wasn't exactly a fan - I was more or less indifferent. But to have a young woman die at an early age is truly saddening. May she rest in perfect peace, in Jesus' name. And may God give her loved ones the strength and comfort to bear the tragic loss. 
My plan for February 14th, 2014: Take the day off work and STAY AT HOME! Ain't nobawdy moving up and down in Lagos valentine traffic! Well, here's someone who will be...


  1. Girl after my own heart! I concur the day was such a huge waste! :( I'm definitely taking next year's and subsequent days off!

  2. lol..i refused to be stuck in the traffic, i should have given you a pre-warning lol

  3. Thank God I know what's up now. Maybe I'll even go on vacay.


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