February 26, 2013

I put a ring on it!

Yes, I did. I surely did!

You know how one of my goals is to make at least one beaded accessory a month? Well, I've been slacking a little bit. I knew I wanted to make a ring, but just the time and patience to sit down and get it done was being elusive. So this Saturday, I had some downtime and I was determined to sit in one place and JUST DO IT, like Nike! Here are the snaps :)

Red seed beads - from I-Can't-Remember-The-Name-Of-The-Shop in Surulere

Red seed beads and my handy dandy beading thread

Let's get started :)

My photog said he thinks my hands are pretty and I should be a hand model *Yeah right*

Almost there

Side note: A pack of beads I have, got dropped and scattered all over the ground outside! *angry face*

Thanks to my scooper-upper! Hugs for days on end to ya!

Finished product! I wore it 3 days in a row :)


  1. Lovely, worth all the effort n wahala I must say..

  2. Awww Berry! This is so cute! Love it!

    Not quite sure how the final product came to be though...

    Mira La Belle


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