February 4, 2013


Oh mah lawd, somebody better hold me back before I WOZ THIS CHICK!!!

*ok, I wouldn't really cos I'm anti-violence in real life* But AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGHHHHHH!

What's gotten me so flipping mad? I'll tell ya.

So I'm here at work, minding my business. A team member decides to buy breakfast for everyone, as usual. He typically gets akara and fried yam, sometimes sweet potatoes and plantain as well. As you all know, I'm trying to shed some weight so I've refrained from partaking in the usual breakfast. Anyways, I'm sitting at my desk, and the following conversation ensues:

Chick: Berry, are you still on a diet?
Me: I'm not on a diet just watching what I eat.
Chick: Oh you're still watching your weight?
Me: Yes.
Chick: You really shouldn't bother. You're fat already. Orobo. You can't lose weight. Just eat whatever you want.
Me: *stunned silence*
Other ladies: Ah ah, why would you say that? Instead of trying to encourage her.
Chick: I'm just saying. Ok, maybe she's not that fat but she has body.
Me: *intentional silence before some FOUR-LETTER WORDS escape in a professional environment*

I really want to inflict bodily harm on her though.

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  1. You should have told her she was right. You shouldn't bother with your weight because you're already fat just like she shouldn't bother to watch what she says, since it'll remain senseless. Passive aggressive comebacks are awesome for such situations.

    Don't let people feel like they can say anything and get away with it. It's great that you have nicer and smarter colleagues who called her out but if you do the calling out yourself, she'll know to brush her teeth with Smart toothpaste before she comes to work next time.


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