February 11, 2013

Counting down to Valentine's Day - Memorable Valentines

Hi guys!

I'm a tad better today, but maybe operating at 60% healthy. However, this should NOT stop me from participating in the yearly onslaught of Valentine's Day! My most memorable Valentines both include tears.

1st Memorable Valentine: 
It was 1994. I was in SS1, barely 12 years old and had a "boyfriend." We were practicing for inter-house sports, and during the lunch break, he came to meet me with a card, which I promptly put in my backpack and left to get some snacks at the tuck shop. When I got back to my seat, I noticed my friend smiling at me - very suspiciously, because the smiling came from nowhere. I didn't pay much attention to her and let it go. Fast forward to the bus ride home, and everyone was showing off their Valentine gifts and cards. I opened my bag to show the card from my "boyfriend," except that instead of 1 card, there were 2. I knew my bf had given me just 1 card, so I hurriedly opened the second one and it was from a friend who said he secretly admired me. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, how sweet. Except that the next morning, my lil boyfriend found out and decided he wanted to FIGHT MY FRIEND! Gawsh, I was waaaaaaaaaay shy back then, and I just didn't need that extra attention and started crying. I eventually stopped talking to my friend, just so my boyfriend would stop with the fighting threats *rolls eyes.* So sad.

2nd Memorable Valentine:
It was 2007. My sister had moved back to Nigeria temporarily, leaving me ALL ALONE in Atlanta. Ok, I wasn't completely alone cos my cousins weren't too far. But, it wasn't a pretty Valentine. I was single and I had the flu! To top it off, I had been "talking" to this guy and I can't remember what the issue was, but he was mad at me and refusing to speak to me. So picture this: it's Valentine's Day, I'm too sick to stand up so I'm lying down in front of the TV home alone, everybody I know is out and about being in love, my sister's calling me to say she misses her boyfriend (now husband), and the boy I like isn't speaking to me! That's a nice recipe for tears, dontcha think?! By the end of the day though, my cousin came over with hot chinese soup and babied me a little bit. And the human being boy, decided last minute to check on me. YAY ME - NOT!


This year just might be different :)


  1. My first and only happy valentine, I was 7.
    I don't remember any other happy valentines either.


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