February 6, 2013

Flaws and all...

I've been in an utterly foul mood since yesterday. And when I get like that, I close up and withdraw into myself, and at the same time behave in a bratty, bitchy, diva manner. Sometimes there are tears, at other times VERY unsavory words flash through my mind.

And then when the first ray of light starts to shine in the middle of my dark mood, I start feeling contrite. I begin to feel sorry to anyone who bore the brunt of my upset-ed-ness (Yay, I'm making up words again - it means I'm definitely feeling better). So with this post, I humbly apologize to one and all - and to you readers cos I almost deleted my blog out of anger. I am flawed, yes I am. Thank you for putting up with me. I'll try harder to stay above the darkness next time.


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