February 15, 2013

What I'm Watching: The Harlem Shake Videos

Ok, it's official. The first craze of 2013 is........... THE HARLEM SHAKE!!!

No, not the early 2000s G-Dep, Bad Boy harlem shake dance in the 'Let's Get It' video

It's this silly dance thing where for the first few seconds, a lone person's dancing (usually in a helmet) and when the beat drops, CRAZINESS ERUPTS! It'll get old quickly. I must have watched 50 different versions today. These are my favorite in no particular order...

  1. Army Style

  2. Shaytard Family

  3. Montreal Subway

  4. Firefighters

  5. TV News crew

  6. Underwater - UGA Diving Team (My favorite one)

I want to do one :-|

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