October 29, 2018

Cruise Vacay - Cozumel, Mexico

Hi there!!!!

Last week I shared photos from our cruise stop in Nassau, Bahamas. Today, it's time to see my 1 and a half'th favorite stop in COZUMEL, Mexico!!!!!

For the longest time, my dad refused to go anywhere in Mexcio, because of all the news about kidnappings and drug cartels. But somehow, this time around he didn't mind our 2 tour stops in Mexico.

For this stop, it was just me, my sister, and her husband. Our other sister and her friends also came off the ship but wanted to go scuba-diving - see her blog post here. My dad also got off the boat but refused to go anywhere with us, because we got back to the ship too late for his liking in Nassau :p.

We chose to go on a private Jeep tour with a local tour company (Cozumel Cruise Excursions), and our guide, Sergio, was so great! From the minute we met up with him outside the port, to when he dropped us off, it was a fun ride! He drove us to a tequila factory, where we tasted maybe 10 different flavors of tequila (I may have been quite tipsy afterwards). Then we drove around Cozumel for a little bit - stopping at a little beach (unnecessary stop, if you ask me). And then we went to the oldest lighthouse in Cozumel (I think that's what he said), saw a very tiny Mayan ruin, and some crocodiles. Afterwards we went off for the highlight of the day - FOOD (the fajitas were soooooooooooo good!!!!) and SNORKELING!!! Unfortunately I didn't quite get the videos and photos that I thought I would, but I'll be better prepared next time.

There are quite a lot of photos and I hope that you enjoy them!

Have a darling week!


  1. What gorgeous pictures...and that beach: ��!

    Many Canadians think twice about Mexico for the same reasons your dad mentioned so I don’t blame him...but that’s why this post is so valuable. Seeing you do it makes me believe that I can do it too. ��

  2. You're the one jooo! Lovely.


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