July 7, 2016

Style Post - Afternoon Tea

Hi there!!!

It's been a while since I did a style post hasn't it? The last one I posted was this one that featured Cakes. I've actually had it in mind to shoot some looks for the blog, but haven't gotten around to doing them. Anyways, today's post is still in line with the UK Holiday series. And it's specifically from the day we went for Afternoon Tea.

 For Afternoon Tea, the dress code was Smart Casual, which to me meant that I should wear a dress.

I got the dress from Burlington Coat Factory. At Burlington, you have to comb through the racks, and truthfully it can be overwhelming. I'm just happy I found this dress before I was ready to give up.

One of the things that drew me to the dress was the yellow zipper detail at the shoulders. I actually went for the dress because it was black and white, with an accent color (the pops of yellow).

The original plan was to wear heels to make the outfit smart[er] but ain't nobody walking around London in heels!

I also had my handy cross-body/clutch from H&M as part of the outfit.

For my hair, I decided to do a half updo, with roll-tuck-pins in front.

I also wore a cardigan because it was pretty nippy in England. The cardigan was from Burlington Coat Factory as well. I loved the color and gold details.

My earrings complemented the gold accents of the cardigan. I've had the earrings for a while - if I remember correctly, they were a gift from an old friend.

I like that the dress was very comfortable and I didn't feel squished and squashed in it. Next time I wear it though, I might add a skinny black belt.

I felt pretty prim and proper in the dress, and it made me sit a little taller. There's nothing like an outfit that makes you feel confident!

What would you wear to Afternoon Tea? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I would wear a pretty yellow dress, one that stops at the knees. Like a short ball gown lol 😂😂😂

  2. You look lovely, really like your hair. For afternoon tea it's got to be a dress for me, something comfy and yet elegant.


  3. I love the outfit minus the leggings...you look good...I would equally opt for a similar outfit if I had to attend such event.

    Labyrinths of Lahrah

    1. Thanks Lara. It was pretty cold that day, hence the leggings.

  4. Earrings! That was the first thing I noticed. Loving this black and white stripes trend, your dress is beautiful. Lhurve Davies Blog

  5. I'm having major hair envy right now, makes me want to go natural sef. Anyways, your dress is very cute and perfect for high-tea, I love the pop of yellow in the pattern.

    Princess Audu

  6. I looove your Cardigan or is it jacket? Your black is beautiful.
    Laitanbee Blog

  7. I looooove that dress. The white and black stripes and the texture of the fabric just soothe my eyes. You are one beautiful lady, Berry.
    I'll wear a little black dress for afternoon tea.


  8. Your hair is really nice Berry! Lol @ heels in London. Some people pull it off!


    1. Thanks Kachi. Nah mehn, no walking around in heels for me. Nuh uh!

  9. I was already thinking that you look very prim and proper before I read that part LOL. Yeah I think a tiny belt next would look good too.

  10. The dress is so lovely on you and I love the zipper detail!! And someone was complaining I post too many pictures for an outfit post, now I've found my match haha. If only natural hair will look as great on me


    1. LOL, but sometimes there are a lot of photos you like and can't choose from, right? That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.


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