November 1, 2013

First Kiss Fridays - SPECIAL EDITION!

Hello lovers!!!

Last week we had a First Kiss with a Handsome Stranger! And I told you that I had a SPECIAL SPECIAL treat this week!!! Well, without further ado... read this VERY SPECIAL entry :D

Anyways, as usual, send stories of your first kisses ever, first kisses with boyfriends/girlfriends, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, handsome/beautiful strangers, husbands/wives, etc... It will be TOTALLY ANONYMOUS!

Please send your stories to

So this  isn't my first kiss (and please don't ask how many), but it was indeed a very special one, and you are about to find out why.

So I had met this pretty damsel on Facebook and we hit it off on a good note. My version of the story is that my charm, cockiness and humour was too much for her to handle and she fell gbam! She doesn't quite agree that that is how it went down, but this is my story, so we have to stick with my version. We later graduated to Yahoo chat and phone calls as I was working in one state while she was serving as a corper in another state.

Fast forward to about 3 or 4 months later. Many midnight and daily calls, and numerous chats had gone down where we had explored, flirted and talked about (almost) everything and were almost dating without having actually met. We then decided to meet up and she was to come down to my state and spend the weekend at my place. The day I was to pick her up, I was a bit nervous and kept tabs on her all through her journey. When her bus was close to town, I left the office for the park. I got into a bit of traffic and ultimately got there late. I arrived to see her standing and waiting with her bag, and I was so happy to see she was even more beautiful than her pictures.

I apologized, put her bags in the car and we set off for home. On getting home, I was kinda flustered (who wouldn't, with a hot chic in his house for the first time? Abeg, free me jare). So I kept pacing around, trying to make her comfortable and all that. Next thing I knew she had walked up to me and was all up in my face, just by the wardrobe and then asked, "Wouldn't I kiss her?" (or something like that, I honestly for the life of me can't remember what she said). It was like I was in this beautiful trance as I lowered my head and our lips met. The kiss was heavenly, her lips soft, and as the kiss deepened and I held her close and inhaled her scent, I did not want to let go. That was an amazing moment.

And you know what the best part is? She is now my wife. And the kisses? Still as heavenly as the first time.

*Swoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon! I have to get "razz" for a second here, but YOU WANNA ROMANCE DIE?!?! Ladies, this is living proof that there are romantic guys out there!*

Thanks Dear Reader for this story. Keep me posted on your wife's reaction when you show her the post :D *he's surprising her with the post later - again, I have to ask YOU WANNA ROMANCE DIE?!?!?"

Dear Cakes, I know you don't like writing, but how about a sweet surprise like this for me? :D

Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah to you, you, you AND YOU!!!

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  1. I literally "Awww"ed at this story, awww! Too cute!

  2. LOOOOL! @ YOU WANNA ROMANCE DIE! Cute story tho! very cute! I might send one totally anon. lol

  3. Omg!!*dancing* the guy's got swag,he's also romantic and I love the fact that she ended up being his wife...amazing writeup!!!! N:B--->Please try and be romantic small eh! Thanks in advance...hehehe

  4. Lol, when I got the email, this was my response...


    Can you tell I'm excited?! OMG, BEST KISS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


  5. Really romantic story, I just love happy endings.

  6. Awwwwwww! L♥√ع struck. You shld see d huge grin on my face. Like young grumbler, I just kept awwing and smiling and blushing. Lovely piece. Thanks berry and d sender

  7. Awww.

    I'd confess I'm highly skeptical of online dating/meeting someone for the first time online and then kicking things off. But this story sure is sweet...

  8. just see me in class smiling so hard... just too sweettttt!!!! I must to love ooo.. sigh. Good luck to you both and may God bless and strengthen your marriage.

  9. Awwwwwwwwwwww! I love this.


  10. i have such a big smile on my face right now. this is lovely

  11. Yes, sweet! Even sweeter when it ends up in marriage! :D. Nice one anonymous, thanks for sharing Berry

  12. But wait...people meet on Facebook and travel far distances to kiss each other? :-P

  13. @Naijawife,same thought was on my mind...

  14. Lol @ Naijawife... yup! It works out sometimes, innit?

  15. My first kiss was with the first person who sent me a friend request after I joined Facebook out of service year boredom sometime in 2008 (*covers face* Yeah, I was a slow starter!) Anyways, he grew to become boyfriend No 2. Dint last long though. I was 22, he was 33. I can still count my kiss partners on both hands. But he taught me well *I think* and im glad I waited!

  16. Aww.... right now, my intestines are twerking..
    (whatever that means).. I love 'love'


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