November 8, 2013

First Kiss Fridays - The Crush

Hello lovers!!!

Last week we had a SPECIAL SPECIAL treat!!! We had our very first First Kiss write up from a guy, and it was soooooooo sweet! He said his wife read it and blushed at all your comments :) Thanks again! And now let's turn to today's story about kisses and crushes.

Anyways, as usual, send stories of your first kisses ever, first kisses with boyfriends/girlfriends, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, handsome/beautiful strangers, husbands/wives, etc... It will be TOTALLY ANONYMOUS!

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Hi Berry!

I really enjoy the first kiss friday write-ups, so I thought I would contribute as well.

I didn't realize I was smitten until after the third time i saw him. I was musing over the day's events with him and a few others. I had a glow and somehow it hit me, I had a crush...  Not just any crush a SUPERCRUSH! This was the second time I had ever felt so strongly about a guy. We'll call him A.

He was the best friend of a family friend (we'll call him D) and oh boy, the dynamics that situation presented didn't really click in my mind. Anyway we met often at  D's room and I would be dying inside but kept it cool on the surface. I couldn't let A know what was up! One evening, after bumping into him at the library and him saying he hadn't seen me the week before, I ventured onto Facebook to get his number and texted him. Cheeky me! We texted and he called me occasionally. To my surprise, he slowly and subtly revealed his amorous feelings to me as time went by.

The day before I wrote my first test as a university student, he came by the library to check on my progress and offer some words of encouragement. Blushing smiles from me, sweet words from him, heart racing and nervous fidgeting. Eventually he said he had to leave.

A: So I'm leaving..
Me: Okay, get home safe.
A: Uhm won't u give me a mmmm.. (brushing his cheek with his hand, indicating a peck on the cheek)
Innocent Me: Okay

I proceeded to peck his cheek. Just as I brushed his face, he turned his head and gave me his moist, soft lips!! Oh Gosh! In the library!!!  The blood rushed through my body, and time seemed to stand still. It was sweet but rather short given our location. He gave me a hug, peck, and silently, off he went. I blushed afterwards and heard some teasing from other students. I was left too dazed  and shy to text him that night...  What on earth would I say? After 22hrs (Yes, I was counting), finally, a text from A came through:  "Hey Candy, thanks for the kiss. It was sweet" ...I was in Heaven!

He was my first kiss and my first boyfriend :-)

*le sigh* Young love. I love crushes! And inspired by this post, I shall share my 2 favorite crush songs -  "Hey Lover" by LL Cool J feat. Boyz II Men, and "Crush On You" by Mr Cheeks feat. Mario Winans!

Have a berry beautiful weekend ma petite jolie!

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  1. Mogbe!!! See me blushing on behalf of the girl. Cute

  2. I've come again with my lists o!! Dang remember back when music videos had and actual clean version. Everything they edited in the LL video would be on regular TV nowadays. It doesn't mean the video is innocent o - just observing. And see him hyping Coach - nowadays they want to drown people in Bugattis and Louboutins . And I miss Boyz II Men.


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