November 2, 2013

REBLOG: Naija Husband's Chop My Money

Hey friends,

I've told you about Naija Husband and Naija Wife? They have a GREAT blog with hilarious stories of marriage and courtship. They recently wrote about FINANCES (in 3 parts) and it's an awesome read. The advice is good for singles and marrieds alike...


Here's an excerpt from the very first post...

“…NaijaHusband, I have to know all your bank account details in case anything ever happens to you 
and your in-laws try to push me out of our home but fail to succeed because I had the correct 
information about your finances and was able to reach the bank first and put a stop to their 
misdeeds and they won’t be able to kick any of our children out of the home and force them t
become housegirls in the city where they will be molested by old men nor make me shave my 
head and live in a hut and have to turn to my local “fellow widows” NGO for help where they’ll 
give me a micro credit loan to sell bread and oranges on the street but then someone 
will steal my oranges and I’ll be forced to sell my body anyway….”


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  1. That's hilarious! Is she for real??

    1. You'd be surprised how many times it happens in real life


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