June 3, 2013

Twas my birthday!!! - PART TRES

Sooooooooo, I've been sharing about my birthday here and here.

My initial plan was to go to Ghana for my birthday, as I've never been. Plans were thwarted due to unhelpable circumstances - 'Unhelpable' is a new word :)

Cakes and I went on a road trip from Lagos to Warri on a Meeting-The-Rents mission.

I wasn't exactly thrilled because of the road and safety situation in this 'ere part of the globe. I was exhausted for most of the trip and slept, but I was looking forward to something... The Ethiope River.

I wanted to give a brief description of the river, but this being Nigeria, there isn't reliable information out there! For goodness' sake, one website describes it as one of the Seven Wonders of the World! *insert blank stare combined with a PUHLEASE, IN WHAT WORLD expression* Somebody should hire me in the Ministry of Tourism.

What I can tell you is that the river is actually bluish-green in real life! You know those pictures you see of the Caribbeans and Bora Bora and co? This water is LEGIT blue-green!

We stopped by a resort in Abraka, because Cakes wanted to show me how clear the water is. Like you're standing in the water, and you can see your toe nail polish's color! So kewl that we have this in Nigeria. Let me get on a soapbox for a minute...

"Nigeria, you have sooooooooo much potential. You have sooooo many natural resources! There is absolutely NO REASON why you can't and/or shouldn't be a Tourist Destination! There are more than enough seaside villages and towns that should be turned into beaches and beach fronts! Why can't you be like Orlando or Miami or Bora Bora or Turks and Caicos? Isn't is the same blawdy Atlantic Ocean?! For goodness' sake, GET IT TOGETHER before I slap you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I was getting ready to jump. Cakes didn't catch it on my phone.

Attempting a serene, thoughtful pose. I promise I wasn't looking at my engagement ring.

Kisses from Abraka!

This is NOT Cakes! He was diving to catch fishes for eating! FUN TIMES!

See how clear the water is.

All the Single Ladies...

And THAT is the end of my story!

Actually, that's a lie.

On the way back to Lagos (we just stayed in Warri for one night), Cakes stopped on the road to buy Edible Worms. Erm, come again? Que? Wha the wha wha?

I only agreed to taste it, after convincing myself that MAYBE  it tasted like Dry Crayfish :-|

And NOW, that is the end of my story!

Until I get pictures from my camera. And if I can post up the engagement video.

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  1. Love this post. Congrats again gurl. And yes dont touch those edible wormy thingys. They are nasty. Much love and misses. - Ufuoma S

  2. Congrats again. So tell me, why do you love short dresses? *lips sealed*

    1. LOL! I used to have fine, hawt, sexy legs. Just never got out of liking minis.

      Thanks again :)

  3. ℓ☺ℓ@ the worms. I've never gathered the 'liver' of go beyond staring at them. And peeps insist they are tasty. I guess I may never know.
    The resort looks serene and nice!

    1. They are NOT tasty!

      Well, they might be if you don't know what they are. But we do, so NO CAN DO!

      The resort was nice. But there was a big one we wanted to go to. Maybe next time.

  4. Happy Belated! and congratulations on the engagement :-)

  5. I love the colour of that river. Na wa o. It is well with us in Nigeria is all I'll say for now.

    Those worms look JUICY!!! LOL!! But I don't think I'll ever get myself to eat them.

    Lovely post and pictures Miss Berry.


    1. The color IS pretty to look at!

      And the worms, while looking juicy are like deep-fried crayfish. In that, they're oily and it's mostly the "shell" you're eating.


  6. OMG, this is so beautiful, what is the name of the resort, I just might visit abraka one of these days.

  7. Happy Belated birthday huh! looks like you had a blast :-)


  8. 1. Happy Belated Birthday
    2. That River/Resort looks lovely. I need to see more of Naija beyond what I'm used to cos I know we have some amazing places
    3. Worms. Ewww. 'Nuff said

  9. @ Lara - It really is. Erm, I'll have to check and find out. There aren't any rooms to stay in though.

    @ Dressed - Thanks, I did :)

    @ Lady ID - 1. Thank you 2. There are places in this country. Hidden gems. 3. LOL!


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